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3M diversification strategies

Organizations have a variety of reasons to diversify their business and many ways to diversify and retrench. Please provide an explanation.

Review the products 3M offers (http://www.3m.com/http://www.3m.com/) and the markets it serves. Select one or more 3M businesses and comment on their business diversification strategies discussing the role of business diversification in the strategic planning process.

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3M is one of the most diversified companies in the world. It produces thousands of products which are a result of science and are sold across all four continents. 3M is currently organized into six business units; Consumer and Office, Display and Graphics, Electro and Communications, Health Care, Industrial and Transportation, and Safety, Security and Protection Services. Some of its commercially successful products include Post-it Notes, Scotch-Brite ...

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Solution includes a detailed explanation of the reasons behind why an organization would diversify her business.