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Operations Research

Computation of recordable injury/illness rate

Please help with the following problem: A company calculated its recordable injury/illness rate for 2013 to be 2.81. Employees worked 1,209,970 hours in 2013. How many recordable injuries/illnesses were there?

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Help required developing a topical outline for Chapter Two of a dissertation. Must follow a chronological or other rational organizational scheme using the topic list attached that provides a foundation for how to categorize and explore the literature.

Research Paper Outline for Government Relations

Here are the instructions: Select a program, project, or issue that is within government or you think government should address. Example, early childhood education, anti missile system, obesity. Identify the problem, conflict, concern, or goals that you want to solve, resolve, settle, or achieve from the program, project,

Apple's differentiation strategy

Strategic Options Select an organization that you believe has executed optimal strategic moves to strengthen its generic strategy.

Common Sized Analysis

The sales revenue information for March and April, Year 2007 is listed below. What is the vertical common-sized analysis (percentages) of each item based on the sales revenue? Please discuss any significant findings. Item March April Sales Revenue

Concepts of a Product-Harm Crisis

1) What is a Product-Harm Crisis? 2) What are the factors that contribute to a Product-Harm Crisis? 3) A brief analysis of Product-Harm Crisis studies 4) Research synthesis

Performance Measures to Evaluate an Organization

Please help with the following problem: Identify and describe at least four performance measurements that can be used by an organization and describe why these are important to the organization's success.

Implementation Plan for Green Home Building Business

This is a two part paper that work conjunctively, for which I will give you double the credits! THANK YOU! In a four-page paper, propose an implementation plan for your strategy to forming a green, sustainable business focusing on developing and marketing green homes. Green homes are energy-efficient, well-insulated, well-ve

Competitive Decision-Making Criteria for the Green Home Industry

Create a formal set of competitive decision-making criteria in order to analyze strategic options and determine which business opportunity should be included in your strategy recommendation, strategic plan, and financial justification. Competitive Decision-Making Criteria In deciding the strategy for green homes, we need

Profitability Revenue and Cost Analysis

A company owns three motels in a ski resort area. Although there is some business during the summer months, the company finds it very difficult to staff all three operations during this period and is contemplating closing one of the three motels. The sales revenue and the breakdown of costs during this period are listed below in

Interview Questionnaire

Select a leader in an organization of your choice. Manager; an executive or CEO is preferred. Name of Organization: Name of Leader and Name of the position Part 1: Introduction (If you cannot find this information ahead of time, you will need to ask during the interview): What is the name of your organization? What are

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I need some help generating ideas on this question: Consider you own experience with workplace culture. Describe past and current experiences with organizational culture. Be as specific as possible and support your comments with examples.

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Several factors and behaviors can shape an organization hierarchy. How do centralization, standardization, and horizontal differentiation affect the shape of the organization? In what ways can the informal organization and the norms and values of its culture affect the shape of an organization?

Using ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, Inspection Level II,

A lot of size 310 components is received. Management wants an AQL of 2.5%, and decides to use an attribute sampling plan to assess the quality of the lot. Using ANSI/ASQ Z1.4, Inspection Level II, the single sampling plan for normal inspection would be: n = _______ and c = ________. The probability that a lot with 7% nonconf

The Failure of Kodak

Organizations sometimes come up short if they have missed something in their macro environment, much like Nokia did: "Stephen Elop joined Nokia as CEO in September 2010 with a clear mission: Save the once world-beating mobile phone company from oblivion. The challenges are obvious: Nokia has been losing ground to Apple iPhone

Industry Pool Profits

In a four-page paper, determine where profit pools exist in the green home building. Justify your position with evidence, and create an industry profit pool map.

Drivers in the Green Housing Industry

Please write about the drivers in the Green housing industry including baby-boomers needs, single-family homes (largest market). Bullet some key points/drivers related to industry efficiency like new technologies, laws, organizations, incentives, etc.

Decision Analysis for Production with Uncertain Demand

Please help with the following problem: I would like to know how decision analysis could be used to solve a business problem in an organisation you have worked in or that interests you. Describe a decision tree and tell me how a tool such as this can be utilized to improve decision making.

The behaviour of organisations in their market environment.

INTRODUCTION Select an international business organization operating in any commercial industry to examine the key elements highlighted in the following figure, which actually reflects on the correlation amongst the market forces, structure of the market, business and cultural environment; international trade policies and reg

Assembly Line Balancing Question

A line-balancing solution has been developed for the assembly line for fertilizer spreaders at Green Grass, Inc. The desired output rate of 30 spreaders per hour will be achieved. The sum of times for all tasks performed on the line is 1056 seconds for each spreader assembled. This is the total productive time. Which of the foll

Reclamation of Industrial Wasteland

I am trying to put together a feasibility study that evaluates the reclamation suitability of the industrial wasteland on the south side of Chicago (the U.S. Steel property to be specific). Reclamation suitability needs to be addressed, which should be done in two steps, the first step would be to exclude those unsuitable wastel

Business Research Report

Discussion: • How would you go about conducting the planning and research design for a restaurant, and night club? • What would be the best research method to use for a restaurant and night club? What would be researched? • After the sampling process how do you go about collecting the data, and processing the data? •

Working vs visiting a foreign country

Would you want to work for a foreign firm? Why or why not. I need a response to my professor's answer to the question above. This is what my professor wrote: The world is getting so internationalized that living abroad hardly feels like living abroad anymore. It was far different when I first went to Japan when I w

Overseas Discrimination Procedures

U. S. law protects women from job discrimination, but many countries do not offer women such protection. Suppose several important job opportunities arise at overseas factories owned by your firm; however, these factories are located in countries that severely restrict the working rights of women. You fear that female managers t