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Operations Research

The behaviour of organisations in their market environment.

INTRODUCTION Select an international business organization operating in any commercial industry to examine the key elements highlighted in the following figure, which actually reflects on the correlation amongst the market forces, structure of the market, business and cultural environment; international trade policies and reg

Assembly Line Balancing Question

A line-balancing solution has been developed for the assembly line for fertilizer spreaders at Green Grass, Inc. The desired output rate of 30 spreaders per hour will be achieved. The sum of times for all tasks performed on the line is 1056 seconds for each spreader assembled. This is the total productive time. Which of the foll

Reclamation of Industrial Wasteland

I am trying to put together a feasibility study that evaluates the reclamation suitability of the industrial wasteland on the south side of Chicago (the U.S. Steel property to be specific). Reclamation suitability needs to be addressed, which should be done in two steps, the first step would be to exclude those unsuitable wastel

Business Research Report

Discussion: • How would you go about conducting the planning and research design for a restaurant, and night club? • What would be the best research method to use for a restaurant and night club? What would be researched? • After the sampling process how do you go about collecting the data, and processing the data? •

Working vs visiting a foreign country

Would you want to work for a foreign firm? Why or why not. I need a response to my professor's answer to the question above. This is what my professor wrote: The world is getting so internationalized that living abroad hardly feels like living abroad anymore. It was far different when I first went to Japan when I w

Overseas Discrimination Procedures

U. S. law protects women from job discrimination, but many countries do not offer women such protection. Suppose several important job opportunities arise at overseas factories owned by your firm; however, these factories are located in countries that severely restrict the working rights of women. You fear that female managers t

The Benefits of Foreign Exchange in Hotel Industry

Read the following case and respond to the questions that follow it. The Benefits of Foreign Exchange The Athenaeum Hotel and Apartments in London's Piccadilly is a small privately owned hotel which has business travelers from the U.S. as the majority of its guests. Sally Bulloch, general manager, says one way of findin

Coke's Strategy in Africa

Please help with the following problem: Read about Cokes strategy in Africa at the following link and discuss the ethics of selling soft drinks to very poor people. Is this an issue that a company like Coke should consider? Read the article here:

Selecting the Head of Operations

Assume you are the top HR manager for a large international firm. The head of your company's operation in Japan has just resigned unexpectedly to take a job with another firm. You must decide on a replacement as quickly as possible. You have developed the following list of potential candidates for the job. Jack Henderson:

Learning a Foreign Language in America

One problem for Americans is that they start learning foreign languages after they are adults which is the worst time to start. Children pick up foreign languages very easily and are able to pick up the correct accent as well. This is extremely hard for adults to do. Most Americans do not seriously start to learn a foreign lang

The Importance of Adaptability in Business

I would like to put some stress on adaptability as a necessary trait for doing business internationally. People who are fixed in their routines are unlikely to last long overseas since they will be unable to adapt to new situations, environments, foods and customs. Such people are likely to contribute to the currently high expat

Nonprofit Interview Questions

Nonprofit interview questions 1. What are your primary needs for fundraising? 2. Do you have emergency funding or a pool of moneys for people to access in an emergency? 3. How much of your fundraising is conducted online? 4. What methods of online fundraising do you use? 5. Has the implementation of online fundraising pla

Learning Foreign Languages

Read the two opposing views below. After you have read them, think carefully about which argument you support. Give a detailed explanation for making the choice that you did. Learning a Foreign Language: Still Useful? Disagree: The currently widespread and steadily growing prevalence of English signifies the end of the

Personality Characteristics Required for Global Business

Visit the Web site of the Intercultural Business Center ( and read about he cultural training services of this top-ranked company. One evaluative technique the firm offers is called the Global Mentality Test that measures a person's aptitude of doing business globally. What personality characteristics do you thi


What ethical considerations would you need to address in a proposed research? Are there any others?

Program Implementation

Please help with creating a hypothetical situation. For my work, I am to pretend I am speaking with a colleague about the successes and struggles of my prisoner re-entry program designed to assist clients in finding employment following a recent program evaluation. During the dialogue I am to include the following element: 1.

Communicating Pertinent Business Data

Various types of data is collected as a part of comprehensive program development, including outcomes data, process evaluation data, human resource data, financial data, and compliance and quality improvement data. 1.Can you explain what each of the 5 data types are. Also, how would one go about analyzing it? 2. Who should

Procter & Gamble's Joy in Japan

Read the case below and answer the questions that follow. P&G's Joy Makes an Unlikely Splash in Japan Anyone who thinks Japan doesn't offer opportunities for U.S consumer products should look at how quickly Procter & Gamble Co. has cleaned up in the country's dish-soap market. Until 1995, P&G, didn't sell dish soap i

Pillsbury Flour in India: Case Study

Read the case below and answer the questions that follow. Pillsbury Presses Flour Power in India By MIRIAM JORDAN The Pillsbury Doughboy has landed in India to pitch a product that he had just about abandoned in America: plain old flour. Pillsbury, the Diageo PLC unit behind the pudgy character; has a raft of higher

Value of Yen and Impact on Imports, Exports- includes references.

I need at least a 200 word response to whether or not I agree with this answer to this question: Who are the winners and who are the losers if a currency, let's say the yen, and weakens? Who are the winners and who are the losers if a currency, let's say the yen, and strengthens? Please include in your list exporters, impor

China's Currency Policy's Impact on United States

Read the following article on China's currency policy and give your opinion. Would it help or hurt the U.S. if China let its currency strengthen? The Costs Of China's Currency Policy In the depths of the recession, many critics of China's currency policy held their tongues. After all, that policy--which keeps the yuan artifici

Journal Entry Preparation for a Carburetors Company

The following events occurred during the first month of operations for XYZ Ltd., a company specialised in providing carburetors to automobile manufacturers. Jan. 1st The shareholders invested £300,000 in cash, land worth £100,000 and a building worth £250,000 in exchange for common shares. Jan. 2nd In order to develop

Corporate use of international strategies

A multinational (multidomestic strategy) means adapting products and marketing strategies to comply with cultural standards in the given market. A global strategy means offering the same product in all national markets with a very similar marketing strategy. For each of the strategies, list a company that employs that method an