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Advantages of Cultural Knowledge in Sales

1. What is the relationship of a cultural lens to a global mindset? Do they support each other or are they mutually exclusive? Does one guarantee the other? Why or why not?

2. How do Wunderle's points about using a cultural lens to gain military advantage apply to gaining a competitive business advantage? Specify at least three distinct points made by Wunderle in response.

3. How may the cultural lens be used to define and mitigate risk with respect to cultural variables in an organizational setting? Provide support for your statements using an example of a specific organization.

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1. The two thoughts are very similar. While they could be mutually exclusive, they work better when combined. In fact when both are used conjunctively, success is very likely to occur.

2. Considering ...

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LTC. Wunderle's military theories using the Cultural Lens are translated into competitive success in business in 128 words.