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Developing Global Information Systems

What are some of the challenges a company faces when developing global information systems?

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Organizations from the different parts of the world are now exploring the opportunities of networked technologies to help them sell their products and services domestically and internationally. While there are many chances for growth and diversification in international commerce, these organizations try their best to expand their operations together with their sales towards a multinational perspective. The online systems are very useful for international organizations to reach out members who come from different places of the world and who are culturally diverse. They help 'bridge the gap' of networks by the information that they can offer and the features that help solve problems quickly.

The challenge lies in the designing of a system that will fit the needs of people coming from a wide variety of cultures so that they are happy to use them. Global systems need to be designed using a standardized user interface, a uniform interface in a single language but there has to be minor changes to conform to local legal requirements and cultural diversity. It is hard to have a global system because of the cultural embeddedness within these systems can hardly make a ...

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The challenges in developing global information systems in organizations. References are included.