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    Operational Definitions and Constructs

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    When using a construct or operational definition, how can we be sure that the construct or definition is equivalent to the original concept under study? What ideas do you have to ensure they match?

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    In research, the first step is to decide the subject to be studied. The second or third, dependent on the method used, is to decide on the overarching theories that will be used to define and make concrete the subject and the direction the researcher is heading. While deciding methodology is important, the subject and the understanding of the subject from the researcher's point of view is dependent on the theories applied. For example, a business is losing sales. A researcher might approach the subject from different perspectives and therefore different theories. A sales theory, an HR theory, or an operational theory might be used. However, as one can see, the product and ...

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    This solution provides an explanation of how to assure that constructs and operational definitions are equivalent to the original under study.