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    Issues associated with Academic Writing

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    Write a short report with proper citation about the following terms:

    In the above report give an example from your area of study. 2-3 pages only

    Also, write a one page report about the difference between induction and deduction reasoning with an example from your area of research.

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    Concepts are considered the catalyst for ideas, strategies, and proposals. The emphasis that is placed on research attempts to ensure that the benefits brought on by that idea can be facilitated through conceptual frameworks that can transition a concept into reality.


    Constructs represent the mental abstractions humans utilize to express their ideas, people, organisations, events, etc. wherein the construct allows the individual to demonstrate their interest in these mental abstractions. Constructs are used to establish actual realistic data about any theoretical framework, which assists in ensuring that the different components of theories can be measured through observable behavior.


    Definitions represent the defining of an abstract concept. Using this paradigm, researchers can provide explanations of their concepts and theories by defining them.


    Variables are characteristics, numbers, or quantities with the ability to increase or decrease over time. They can ...

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