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    Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus and Academics

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    topic: insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

    1. Name at least three physical and academic difficulties associated with the chosen impairment or disease

    2. Precautions that must be taken in the classroom to ensure students' needs are met
    3. issues with receptive and expressive language

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    1) Overall, children with Diabetes Mellitus have a much lower academic performance than those without. This is because diabetes impairs intelligence, memory, attention and understanding in children and adolescents. A recent study found that children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus had lower achievement in several arithmetic, reading, and writing tasks. Diabetic students miss more school, suffer from lethargy in class, and often have trouble focusing. Also, many children and adolescents feel stress from having to take daily insulin and feeling different from their counterparts.

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    This solution describes how diabetes mellitus affects children and adolescents physically, cognitively, and academically. It also includes precautionary measures that schools must take with a Diabetic student.