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    Comparison/contrast of diabetes mellitus types I and II

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    Table contrasting diabetes mellitus types I and II. Includes ages, causes, prevalence, signs and symptoms, and complications.

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    • Differences between Diabetes Mellitus Type I and Type II

    Feature Type 1 Type 2
    Age of onset Usually < 40 yo Usually > 40 yo
    Insulin Replacement Always Not in early stages
    Involves Obesity No Yes
    Autoimmune Destruction of B Cells in Pancreatic Islets Yes No
    Involves Insulin Resistance No Yes
    Insulin Secretion Severe deficiency Variable: moderate def to hyperinsulinemia
    Ketosis as Complication Common Rarely
    Prevalence 0.4% 8%
    Genetics Yes Yes (strong)
    Signs and Symptoms Increased thirst (polydipsia)
    Increased urination (polyuria)
    Increased appetite (polyphagia) with weight loss
    Recurrent blurred vision
    Vulvovaginitis or pruritus (itching)
    Nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting)
    Postural hypotension from lowered plasma volume
    Increased thirst (polydipsia)
    Weakness or ...

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    A contrast of diabetes mellitus types I and II is briefly presented.