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Sources of nursing research

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The research problem can be developed from many sources. What is a source of nursing research? Identify a potential research study example from that source.
I am looking at issues around patient safety and satisfaction, medication administration or something along those lines.

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Using an actual case study as an illustration, the answer addresses a potential source of nursing research: patients themselves. Issues such as medication administration and patient compliance were also addressed.

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This is easy. The best source of research ideas come from patients themselves. I will give you an example from our own clinic when one of our Nurse Practitioner students needed to write a research paper for class.

Laurie L. is a 55-year old Caucasian female who presented to our clinic because of unintentional weight gain, increased hunger, and lethargy. Her original presentation was approximately one year prior to being seen by the Nurse Practitioner student. At her initial visit, I diagnosed her with morbid ...

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