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    Global Mindset in the Global Marketplace

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    Hello I need help developing a global mindset on the ford motor organization by developing an executive briefing for senior management in which the influence of the global mindset on the organization is reviewed. The executive briefing must:

    *Analyze why a global mindset is necessary to do business in the global marketplace.
    * Review how the global mindset affects risk assessment for the organization you selected.
    * Recommend to the board of directors how a global mindset may be used to move the organization forward in the current global competitive environment.

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    Industries nowadays are not just manufacturing, producing, and designing in one city or country, but are working in a global market. In this economic state, organizations are finding it more productive and cost effective to work in different countries. The benefits provide lower labor costs, cheaper manufacturing costs, and more effective use of resources. A staffing strategy would be required by answering several key questions about the cultural dynamics, human resources challenges, staffing opportunities, and changes in the organizational structure.
    A risk to consider is outsourcing because there is a risk of the employees using propriety information to create a competitor for Ford Motor. As stated by Ganguly, globalization has its advantages such as, "it is changing the political scenario thus deep-seated problems like unemployment; poverty and shift in power are coming to the picture."
    The organization would need to consider International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restrictions. The organization would also need to setup firewalls and a secured site for paperwork to flow from one site to another to prevent restricted information from leaking.

    Many differences exist between America and other countries in terms of working style, lifestyle, and outlook to life. These differences need to be understood to have a better working relationship and to merge the business with that country site.
    Countries have different temperature, many varied cultures and languages, and unique individuals. Some cultures are more formal than the American culture. Many organizations around the globe use the hierarchical working system. Societies in Eastern countries have a class system and differences among the poor and the rich is quite apparent. A society in which women and men are not looked upon as equally as in America would also create a challenge.
    People who work with different countries would need to be aware of different working styles. Some societies ...

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    Globalization is the way to move forward for all organizations. It is more economically beneficial to look at having sites in different countries. However, with this change, the organization needs to understand the risks but also how to change the mindset of its employees.