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Global Managers - global competitiveness

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See the article and answer the following questions: Kedia, Ben L., and Ananda Mukherji. "Global managers: Developing a mindset for global competitiveness." Journal of World Business 34.3 (1999): 230-251.

1. Summarize the case in less than 1 or 2 paragraphs
2. Discuss the management issues present in the case, explicitly connecting them to the text.
3. Explain what options the managers had in dealing with the issues.
4. Evaluate the option chosen or offer an opinion of what would be the best option and why. What would have been some better alternatives. Did you believe what he did was right?

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The answer to this problem explains the focus of modern business. The references related to the answer are also included.

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1. Summarize the case in less than 1 or 2 paragraphs

The focus of modern business is global. Managers are required to redefine and realign their organizations to global realities. They must develop a strategy, and create processes for managing globalization. According to the author the managers must now have a global mindset. They must be able to integrate the forces of global business, regional/country pressures, and global functions. The global perspective must integrate a mindset, knowledge, and skills. He must understand and be aware. He must lead and motivate the work teams. He must also comprehend the effect of technology on the global activities of the firm.
The global manager must create conditions for specialization, interdependency, and coordination. According to the case the global manager will become more competent and effective. He will coach teams, acquire knowledge, and use high technology in managing. According to the case there are many managers that are out of sync with the requirements of global business. The case says that the current mindsets of managers must be identified, and the method of moving ...

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