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    Globalization and the Manager

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    Globalization is neither all good nor all bad, what actions will you take personally to help shape this trend? Respond as a manager.

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    Suggested discussion:

    In 2001, Pope John Paul II said that "globalization, a priori, is neither good nor bad". The pontiff added that it has brought rapid changes in social systems and cultures but it has intrusive and even invasive characteristics. Globalization must serve the human person and result to solidarity and the common good.

    Globalization is good if it will result to meeting the needs of society but it can exacerbate inequalities and double the number of poor people in the world in 30 years (Fuentes, 2001).

    Arriola (2005) said that "globalization is neither good nor bad- It has positive benefits if the country is prepared to compete with bigger multinational firms. ...

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    The guide discussion showed that globalization is the new economic order and managers must adequately respond to it to capture expanded market.