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Missions and objectives

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Visit the websites for the following organizations.


Based on your review of the companies' posted mission and strategic goals, what types of projects would you expect them to pursue? If you worked for one of these firms and sought to maintain strategic alignment with their project portfolio, what project options would you suggest?

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The mission statement and strategy of each of the four companies as is appears on their website, where available, has been provided below. These have been copied directly from their site without modification. If the mission statement is not available on their website, other avenues of locating the mission statement have been used.

1) Merck's mission statement:

Our aspiration is to make great things happen. With our research-driven specialty businesses, we help patients, customers, partners and the communities in which we operate around the world to live a better life. We achieve entrepreneurial success through innovation.
(source: http://www.emdgroup.com/emd/company/mission_statement_values_strategy/mission_statement_values_strategy.html)

Their strategy can be found at http://www.emdgroup.com/emd/company/mission_statement_values_strategy/strategy.html

Merck is a pharmaceutical company. Its mission statement gives the impression that the company's projects will focus on specialized research into pharmaceutical products that will help people achieve a higher standard of living. Their projects not only focus on the needs of people in the United States, but also on the needs of people in other countries. Their strategy statement says that "the aim is to further expand the strong market position in emerging markets in the medium to long term". Based on this,
I would expect that the projects would include research into the needs of emerging markets, such as the need for vaccines.

Their strategy states that one of the ...

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