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Competitive decision-making criteria for the green home industry

Create a formal set of competitive decision-making criteria in order to analyze strategic options and determine which business opportunity should be included in your strategy recommendation, strategic plan, and financial justification.

Competitive Decision-Making Criteria

In deciding the strategy for green homes, we need to used the following decision-making criteria:
- Does it make sense strategically?
- Is it different from competitors?
- How is it unique?
- Does the strategy meet key metrics for success?

Best answered by considering five categories. I got a good article about Key metrics that can be used by Shinn. Shinn, E. S. (2009). Using key metrics: The why, the how, the results (p. 13). Littleton, CO: The Shinn Group. Retrieved from http://www.shinnconsulting.com/default.aspx?mId=156

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