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    Flexible & Static Budget: Green Pastures

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    Brief summary on situation,

    Green Pastures is a 400-acre farm on the outskirts of the Kentucky bluegrass, specializing in the boarding of broodmares and their foals. A recent economic downturn in the thoroughbred industry has led to a decline in breeding activities, and it has made the boarding business extremely competitive. To meet the competition, Green Pastures planned in 2012 to entertain clients, advertise more extensively, and absorb expenses formerly paid by clients such as veterinary and blacksmith fees. (Kimmel 1130)

    The budget report for 2012 is presented below. As shown, the static income statement budget for the year is based on an expected 21,900 boarding days at $25 per mare. The variable expenses per mare per day were budgeted: Feed $5, Veterinary fees $3, Blacksmith fees $0.30, and Supplies $0.55. All other budgeted expenses were either semi fixed or fixed. (Kimmel 1130)

    During the year, management decided not to replace a worker who quit in March, but it did issue a new advertising brochure and did more entertaining of clients. (Kimmel 1130)

    (a) Sally, based on the static budget report on the next page between 500 and 650 words what is your opinion on,
    (1) What was the primary cause(s) of the loss in net income?
    (2) Did management do a good, average, or poor job of controlling expenses?
    (3) Were management's decisions to stay competitive sound?
    (b) Prepare a flexible budget report for the year.
    (c) Based on the flexible budget report, answer the three questions in part (a) above.
    (d) What course of action do you recommend for the management of Green Pastures?


    Kimmel, Paul D. Accounting: Tools for Business Decision Making, 4th Edition. John Wiley & Sons, 07/2011. Vital Book file.

    What is your opinion?

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    Here you go-- I hope this helps you. Much appreciate the request. Let me know if you have any questions- basically a flexible budget lets you adjust figures so that you look better.

    Hi- in response to your question, it is attached as "Kimmel" but am also pasting it here (the spreadsheet won't show up though so please use attachment). If you can't open "Kimmel" attachment, please let me know (sounds like it is not there?). Should be TWO attachments to this solution.

    Kimmel, Weygandt, and Kieso, (2011) explain that budgetary control involves management taking steps to make sure planned objectives are met (p. 1080). Green Pastures sales are 27 percent under budget, a very unfavorable result. The case study blames a downturn in the economy and a more competitive market place. The company had budgeted for boarding 60 mares but only boarded 52 mares. In addition to being down in sales (by over 13 percent), Green Pasture made 1825.00 less on ...

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    This detailed solution includes answers to the questions in Kimmel, Weygrandt & Kielo's Accounting text regarding Green Pastures. It explains flexible budgeting and provides a flexible budget for the company.