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flexible budget at three levels

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Can you give me an example of a flexible budget at three levels for the income statement?

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The solution explains flexible budgets at three levels for the income statement.

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Dear student,
Complete answer to your question is provided in a separate word document attached.It contains the following parts.

1 Concepts of flexible budget.

2 Three level flexible budget

3 static budget variance tables

4 Flexible budget variance table

5 Explanatory notes

The selected outline of my response is produced herewith for ready reference. For detailed answer you refer the attached file.

1 Concept of Flexible Budget:
A budget is a plan for the future. It is one of the important planning tools., Budget is prepared before the commencement of the period for accomplishment of predetermined goals of management in the field of sales, production, finance and overall profitability. Actual performance is compared with budget targets and variance is computed and analyzed. The comparison of the budget to actual results provides valuable information about ...

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