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Concept of Green Paper

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Research and identify the present state of HBI. Your research should include the market trends of the two product lines, green home building and high-design manufactured housing. Identify and assess the impact of economic, global, demographic, and competitive trends that you deem important for the industry.

After completing the research and analysis:
Write a four-page white paper titled "State of the Green Home Building Industry." In the paper, determine the long term prospects for the industry with special attention to green home building opportunities, costs, and benefits

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State of the Green Home Building Industry

Green Building is an emerging trend in the home building industry. With the rising levels of awareness for environmental issues, people are indulging in taking initiative for its protection. Green Building is one of such initiative which aims at raising the efficiency of the usage of resources while building. Green building wants to cut down upon the ill effects of construction on human health as well as the environment. The Green Building Initiative is applied throughout the building's lifecycle by employing better methods and techniques of siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance and removal.

Green Home Building designs buildings in a manner that it reduces the overall effect on human health and the natural environment. The various practices include:

· Better Utilization of resources like energy, water, etc.

· Protection of occupant's health and bettering the productivity of employee.

· Decrease in waste, pollution and environmental deterioration.

The people who are in to this concept of green building are looking for establishing ecological as well as aesthetic harmony between the building and its surrounding natural and built environment.

Marketing Trends of Product lines

The following passages brings out the marketing trend of the two product lines of Home Building industry i.e. Green home building and High-design manufactured housing.

Marketing Trends of Green Home Building

Green home building has long surpassed its image of emerging trend to foster itself as an integral part of the construction industry. According to an estimate, by 2013 the overall green building market is supposed to grow at rate which is more than double. It is estimated that the market for Green home Building would reach around $96 -$140 billion as compared to $36-$49 billion that today exist for residential and nonresidential buildings. According to various market analyses, this segment is ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1202 Words, APA References

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