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Concepts of Consensus, Constancy, and Attribution Error

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Can you show me an example of a situation where the cause of a person's behavior was uncertain and how I might used the concepts of consensus, constancy, and distinctiveness to determine whether the behavior in the situation was internally or externally cause. How would I describe the fundamental attribution error (correspondence bias), the actor-observer effect and the self-serving bias in this situation? How would I briefly describe the consequences of the attribution patterns?

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The solution applied the concepts of consensus, constancy and attribution error to a situation.

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Concepts of consensus, constancy, and Attribution error applied to a situation

There are several situations in which an individual's behavior may be considered to be uncertain which may require that the concept of consensus, constancy and distinctiveness be employed to determine the cause of the situation such as in the case where an individual suffers from sleep deprivation.

How consensus, constancy, and distinctiveness apply:

The concept of consensus is known to be a part of the truth concept. There are however several criticisms which are drawn regarding the concept of consensus such as is truth and consensus are equals to each other, truth can therefore be derived through organizing and forcing a consensus rather than just conducting experiments and carrying out observations. The fact that the propositions of mathematics build on each other does not allow the consensus of truth to hold under the principles of mathematics ...

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