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Changes in remote environment for US businesses.

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Briefly describe two important changes in the remote environment of U.S. business in each of the following areas:






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1) The downturn of the housing market. The housing market, including housing related industries such as mortgage, home owner's insurance, etc...took a big plunge over the last 2 years. As a result, customers stopped buying homes, which for the most part became unaffordable, creating a low demand on the market for homes. Because of the overall change in the housing market, banks and mortgagors developed different measures/criteria for lending money to home buyers by doing things such as lowering interest rates. Due to the lower interest rates, individuals are more likely able to have more disposable income to spend on buying homes.

2) The collapse of Wall Street. Due to an industry that went unregulated for many years, Wall Street companies engaged in lucrative expenses and lifestyles ...

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Within the past several years, important changes for US businesses have taken place in the areas of Economic, Social,
Political, Technological, Ecological. Read on for a brief discussion of those changes.