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    Primary Qualitative Research

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    Please review a interview questionnaire based on the situation analysis, SWOT analysis and the specific charge in a marketing plan for Samsung. The goal is to develop the questions that will promote awareness of the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet Mini (The Charge) that they want to introduce and to encourage purchase intention.

    Please see the attached files of a SWOT analysis and the questionnaire that I developed for my project.

    Is the questionnaire in-depth enough? If not, suggest further questions to improve it!!

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    I thought you did an excellent job on you SWOT analysis. I have made changes to your questionnaire, please see attached.


    One of the options to cope with the increasing demand of the recently introduced product is outsourcing - either a portion of the company's activities or a portion of the needed volume of production. While this may help the company cope with the forecasted increase in demand, the company is concerned that the cross-functional team members may not understand some of the issues at hand, especially the economic aspects of the decision, including the origins and foundation of the economics of exchange.
    Specific aspects and issues that are of relevance and must be understood by all concerned are the following:
    1. Value
    The concept of value may be applied to both the organization and the individuals. Applied to the organization, the decision may be contributory to the realization of the goal of the firm which is maximization of value to its shareholders.
    As applied to the individuals, the growth of the company may also mean growth of the parts or the individual employees. They may be given more opportunity to occupy better and higher positions, and consequently, better earnings and improvement in the quality of their life. What is important however is that the company must emphasize that whatever decision that would be made, it will be for the good of the organization as a whole.
    The value of the service may have an implication ...

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    The expert examines primary qualitative research. The goal to develop the questions that promote awareness of the new Samdung Galaxy Tablet Mini is provided.