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    Quantitative and qualitative analysis:

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    In the Howard Raiffa article on Decision Analysis, I am having trouble deciphering the perspective on one man's intellectual journey through the use of quantitative and qualitative analysis to assist decision makers with their decisions....

    Where do we go from here with Operations Research and Management Science??

    (Please 300+ words) Thank you!

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    Step 1:
    Howard Raiffa has written a personal journey through different disciplines related to Decision Analysis. He has described the evolution of decision analysis through a personal journey written in a chronological manner. His personal journey is significant because he has contributed significantly to the discipline. His contribution to decision sciences has been in the form of lectures, articles, chapters in books, and books. His four books are Introduction to Statistical Decision Theory, Negotiation Analysis: The Science and Art of Collaborative Decision Making, Introduction to Statistical Decision Theory, and Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions.

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    In Decision Analysis, Howard Raiffa describes the evolution of decision analysis and his personal involvement in its development. Early in his career he describes his involvement with operations research with its approach to complex, strategic decision making. He was later ...

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    This solution explains different types of analysis for supporting decision making. The sources used are also included in the solution.