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Business Operations and the Internet

-I work for an Oil Company so it doesn't matter if your answers are broad. I'm using this as a guide. Thank you.

Write a 2- to 3-page paper describing the use of the Internet in your company or organization. If your company does not use the Internet, describe how it could.

Address the following issues:

• Is the Internet used for advertising?
• Is the Internet used for internal and external information dissemination?
• Is the Internet used for market research?
• Is the Internet used for value-added services?
• Is there any apparent tie-in with the company's tactical or strategic plans?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Company: Supermarket

Business uses the Internet in various ways:

1) To Advertise and Inform
Supermarkets utilize the internet to provide advertising on specials and to compete with competitors in the food industry. It is informative and interactive and most major supermarkets provide a website where customers can go to see the specials and attach "e-coupons" to their "Club Cards."
2) To Communicate
Supermarkets reach their customers by communicating by Internet, Snail-mail, and reviewing what products customers have bought by looking at their accounts and purchase background. Some supermarkets send out special coupons to those customers based on that data obtained. Supermarkets can offer a better experience and therefore, provide interest in expanding customer awareness.

3) Entertaining
Some supermarkets provide games like "Monopoly" where customers receive cards that contain coupons for free items based on certain products purchased at the store. For instance, if 10 cans of a certain brand of dog food may provide the customer 5 "cards" and of those 5 cards when opened, may provide free products at the store or money off certain products sold at the supermarket. Research has been done that shows people come back just for the discounts. Other supermarkets provide money off gas. That is ...

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This covers the supermarket industry and how the internet is utilized to provide the supermarket industry the edge in the business. Defines how the supermarkets use the Internet and how it affects the business, customers, and employees.