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    Distribution Centres: Transportation and Workforces

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    Which is more important to a distribution centre, a good transportation system or a plentiful workforce? Respond to the two answers below.

    1) What is your opinion on Elder's answer? Be sure to make a good argument for your position and support your response with evidence from a resource.

    A distribution centre is an automated warehouse built to receive products from manufacturers and suppliers, take orders, complete orders efficiently, and distribute products to customers quickly. Distribution centres are devised to move goods to their destinations rather than just as a location for storing inventory. The transportation system and workforce both affect the company's pricing of products, delivery performance and the condition of the products the customers receive.

    Transportation systems in my opinion rely on the flow of information to function effectively. Information such as customer transactions, billing, shipment and current inventory levels are related to the performance of the transportation system. A plentiful workforce is not necessarily a good workforce. Employees typically no more than 40 hours a week, (unless you are a Soldier) they demand benefits, health insurance, require training, and might be disruptive at work. Too large of a workforce can cause overcrowding at a distribution center, leading to accidents. Without the information required for a good transportation system, a plentiful workforce will not be able to function efficiently. As a result, a good transportation system is more important than a plentiful workforce to a distribution centre.


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    Which is more important to a distribution centre:, a good transportation system or a plentiful workforce? Be sure to make a good argument for your position

    2) What is your opinion on Kelly's answer? Be sure to make a good argument for your position and support your response with evidence from a resource.

    Kelly's Answer:

    Distribution centres are used to receipt, store, and redistribute goods. These centres depend on a scheduled transportation system that is used to move goods at the right time to the right place. Both inbound and outbound transportation to the distribution centres is extremely important. Keeping the appropriate levels of stock on hand and moving the correct quantities of goods out to retail sellers, other warehouses or direct to the customer is the real lifeline to a successful distribution centre operation.

    Distribution centres can work on a minimal staff if there is a well-managed schedule for operations. Keeping track of the transportation schedules can help to mitigate the need for additional workers on duty. Maintaining the right person in the right position is also a way to make operations flow smoothly without once again a need for additional workers that are potentially unnecessary. Having a fully staffed warehouse is not as important as having a good transportation system in place. The distribution centre relies heavily on the transportation piece to operate and maintain the right stock for delivering the correct goods at the right time.

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    Good transportation networks are indispensable as they are not typical, and the companies with the best transportation networks such as Wal-Mart are the leaders in their industry. In contrast, employees within a distribution network are easily replaced or suffer high rates of turnover. ...

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