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    Tornado: Emergency Management

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    I need your input to complete this project. I need to write an emergency plan for a movie theater that has been hit by a tornado, including the emergency response procedure. The emergency plan structure:

    Give an overview of your plan and include emergency management elements:

    - Direction and control
    - Communications
    - Life safety
    - Property protection
    - Community outreach
    - Recovery and restoration
    - Administration and logistics

    Gustin, J. F. (2010). Disaster & recovery planning: A guide for facility managers (5th ed.). Lilburn, GA: The Fairmont Press, Inc.

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    Step 1
    Direction and control:
    The leadership will take full responsibility for tornado emergency management. The leader of the disaster management team who is the manager of the theater will assess the damage caused by the tornado and activate the emergency management plan. He will deploy the theater personnel and make the decisions on the premises of the theater. The theater manager will decide whether to evacuate the theater immediately, or lock it down temporarily. The theater manager will have a disaster manager team consisting of the electrician, the front of the house manager, and two assistant 'front of the house' managers. This five member team will make the first phone calls, grab rescue kits, and coordinate with the first responders in the theater. The electrician will switch off the main electric supply and will activate all battery operated lights in the theater. If the theater has an audience, the team members will ask the audience to remain seated. The roof of the theater has been reinforced to be tornado proof and will provide safety to the people under it. The control of the emergency response will be with the disaster management team leader. He will monitor emergency response and will control it.

    Step 2
    The emergency team will communicate with each staff member of the theater through their mobile phones. Each team member will have a mobile with two connections. When a tornado hits an area, the land lines may be down, cell phone lines may be overwhelmed, and the disconnection of electricity will make cordless telephones useless. The backup methods of communication consist of different cell phone provider lines among team members. There will be at least five different connections among the team members. Communications will be established by the team with 911, the police, and fire services. Communications will be used with community partners. In addition, communication will be established with public health agencies, medical centers, public works, and nonprofit organizations providing disaster relief and other human ...

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