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Operations Processes and Productivity Plans for Restaurants

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Analyze operations processes and develop a productivity plan for a hospital, bakery, restaurant or convenience store. It should be 3-5 pages in APA format with at least 3 references. Refer to the attachments below for additional information.

Include some of the following:
First discuss some background about your company. How big is the organization - people, size, etc.? What is its mission? Who are its customers? Identify several key processes and include a process map or step by step. Discuss at least three productivity issues that this company faces and the various productivity ratios that would be calculated. Generate some numbers indicating the current level of productivity and then identify and discuss how this company would deal with improving its productivity.What are the key processes and how these processes would be analyzed? What are some ways the processes could be improved? Discuss concepts and ideas from process improvement and lean thinking.

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Introduction and Company Background:
The fictitious restaurant XYZ is located in prime location of San Jose serving more than 100 customers per day. The restaurant has been doing well for many years with some exceptions during tough economic times when the demand was severely affected.

Processes in the Restaurant:
The process flow for the restaurant starts with the customer entering the restaurant. Customers are greeted by the receptionist who takes down the number of people who would be dining. Instructions are then given to prepare the table. When done, customers are escorted to their table and menu card is given to them. Once seated, customers begin review of menu and wait for waiter to take their order. The waiter takes down the order and repeats it to confirm with customers whether all orders were taken properly. The order is given to chef who then reviews it. If there are any clarifications, waiter is asked to confirm the same from customer; otherwise the chef prepares the food. When ready the chef places it on designated area from where waiter picks it up and serves to customers. Customers eat the food and ask for the check once they are done. The waiter gets the check from the billing area and hands it over to customer. The customer then reviews the check and pays the amount. After paying,; he leaves from the restaurant.

Value Adding and Non-Value Adding Activities:
Almost all activities and operations in the process map can be segregated into value ...

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The response provides ways to improve productivity of a restaurant.

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Please turn in a paper of one to two pages (page counting does not include cover and reference list) discussing the following questions,

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