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    "Fast-Food Feast" Case Study

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    Based on the attached "Fast-Food Feast" Case Study , Operations Management for Competitive Advantage. Prepare a 700-1,050-word analysis in which you:
    a. Describe the production process observed
    b. Identify the customer expectations for the service and product
    c. Answer the seven questions at the end of the case
    d. State your opinion concerning the process effectiveness, efficiency, and measurements
    e. Make recommendations for improving the process

    I need help for this assignment in order to write my own paper.

    APA Format is required.


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    // Before discussing the main paper the introduction section is required to give you a knowledge in short of what will be done in the paper. This will cat as a useful guidance for the whole paper //


    Operations Management is an important process that adds to the competitive advantage of the organization. It helps in converting the resources into useful output. Every organization should have a developed system for managing its operational activities in an efficient manner. The fast food organizations selected for the paper are 'McDonald's' and 'Jack in the Box'. The production process in these organizations will be observed and their efficacy and competence will be analyzed. The steps that the organization should take to improve the processes will also be explained and identified in the paper.

    // This section will focus on the production process of both the fast food chains selected for the paper. It will be helpful in giving knowledge about their respective production processes //

    Production Process

    Mc Donald's: The production process of Mc Donald's is simple and all the restaurants all over the world follow the same process. At Mc Donald's, speed is given attention and efficiency is attained in the production process. The food chain makes use of sophisticated technology, which eases the workers in preparing the food. Food is mainly assembled in the Mc Donald's restaurants (McDonalds, 2009).

    Jack in the Box: Fresh food is prepared in the restaurant chain and the production is only done, when the customer orders the food. The company maintains the quality of the food, as well as, the safety that it is prepared in a hygienic manner. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1143 words with references.