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    How might MRP be applied to hospital surgery, university classes, restaurants, hotel

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    How might materials requirement planning (MRP) be applied to the surgery suite of a hospital, scheduling university classes, a chain of restaurants, and hotel renovations?

    Please provide references.

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    //Material Required Planning is known as scheduling procedure for the process of production at various levels. Application of MRP on the surgical suit of the hospital will be described in this part.//

    Surgical suite of the hospital:

    Material required planning is applied in the surgical suite of the hospital by focusing on the improvement of operational efficiency. It can be applied by maximizing the number of surgical cases with minimized resources and less cost. The M
    material required planning helps in coordinating and improving all the essential parts of a surgical suite of a hospital to achieve the goals. MRP is applied in the medical suite of the hospital with increased studies to ensure the safety of patient and best outcome.

    Application of material required planning is recognized as a profitable unit for the hospital. In the surgical suite of the hospital, the material required planning plays an important part in the spending of the hospital budget. From material required planning, the surgical suite of the hospital is applied in the modified ...