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Outback Steakhouse International Expansion

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1. Does Outback Steakhouse have any substantial impacts for their growth expansion plans?
2. Identify Outback Steakhouse performance surrounding these key issues:
- Restaurant expansion
- Operating efficiency
- Growth strategy
- Customer retention
- Cultural Considerations
- Restaurant sales
- Competition

3. Conduct additional research as necessary to provide the most up to date perspective on this case. Search for the following information:
- Annual Report
- SEC Form 10-K
- Annual Shareholders Proxy Statement
- Competitive/Industry Information

4.Use the written case analysis format to present findings from the case analysis. The case analysis should Include the following 5 sections:
- Executive Summary
- Statement of the Problem
- Causes of the Problem
- Decision Criteria and Alternative SolutionsRecommended Solution, Implementation and Justification

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Step 1
Executive Summary:
The problems related to international expansion of Outback Steakhouse are discussed. Causes of the problem are presented. Further, competitive analysis is done, alternative solutions are presented, and the best alternative is selected. The best alternative is that Outback Steakhouse should acquire a steakhouse chain in the country where it wants to expand. Finally, the implementation plan and justification for the selected solution is presented.
Step 2
Statement of the Problem:
Outback Steakhouse plans to expand internationally, however, it faces problems related to its product, and operations that may prevent its expansion.
Step 3
Causes of the Problem:
Operating Efficiency: When expanding abroad it faces the operating problems relating to quality of meat purchased, the culture of its employees, and the acceptance of Outback Steakhouse products in foreign countries.
Growth Strategy: The growth strategy for international expansion can be acquiring fast food chains in the countries that are targeted.(a) The other strategy is renting real estate in several locations and opening operations. If the operations are not profitable ...

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