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    Lamaze Toys

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    We came up with a couple new hot toys to choose from to be the "IT" toy for Christmas, choose 10 people in your organization to respond to the survey. If you do not have personnel in your organization to respond or you do not get a favorable response, then you may create fictitious people to conduct the survey. Before disseminating the surveys, please pre-code the data (Perform the following:
    1. Create a data file using an Excel worksheet. 2. Compute descriptive statistics for the variable(s), and explain the measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion that are most appropriate for your study. Refer to the procedure for computing description statistics in Chapter 17, p. 410 of your textbook. 3. Create a pie chart with percentages. Click here to view a tutorial from the Success Center on descriptive statistics data and creating a histogram chart, pie chart, and other simple graphs. 4. Compute a frequency table and histogram for each variable. Examples are shown in Chapter 17. 5. Decide which measures of central tendency, spread, and graphical display would be most appropriate for the study.
    Using the information above, write a one- to two-page paper explaining how the data will be analyzed. This section should begin with a brief introduction to the section and a description of the problem. You must also explain how the data will be coded and edited. Provide justification for the descriptive statistics that will be employed in the study.

    *****You will only need to submit the paper for this assignment. Please do not include data, results, or graphical displays*****
    APA format and references

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    //In the following paragraphs, there will be a discussion over Lamaze Toys, which came up with a couple of new hot toys to choose from to be the "IT" toy for Christmas. There is a need to evaluate the new toys to be fit for being the IT toy for Christmas. There is a need to take some variables as the basis for the determination of IT toy suitable for the descriptive statistical analysis. There is also an evaluation of all the new toys on the basis of the selection basis to prove their suitability for the market.//

    Lamaze Toys has developed some new hot toys with the assistance of new technology that means these toys can be grouped as IT toys on the occasion of Christmas. There is a development of a questionnaire for the response of ten people working at different positions regarding the collection of information about the toys to be fit for being the IT toys. The response of ten people of the company is collected through four questions, which include the age of new toys (Years), manufacturing hours, additional features (in numbers), and ...

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