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    Lamaze Toys Finals

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    Compile the revised paper from Lamaze toy problems you have helped me with, formulate a complete 8-10 page research proposal. Please include the appropriate headings for each section of the proposal to help transition the reader and organize the paper. Remember to create your abstract. An abstract is a self-contained, short, and powerful statement that describes a larger work. Be sure to review the abstract to ensure it is correct and include it as part of the research proposal.

    All papers must be formatted using APA guidelines.

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    /Business decision-making is a challenging task as it includes selecting the best course of action after comparing various actions and it is accompanied by uncertain conditions as well. In this context, the further text will conduct discussion related to Lamaze Toys Company and shed light on its business decision situation that demands an action. Furthermore, problem statement and research objective with regard to business decision situation have also been discussed.//


    The presented research proposal is directed to reveal the customer perception green products offered by Lamez toys. The company is one of the major toys manufacturing companies which are undertaking the process of developing green product. This research work is directed to explore the response and customer perception about this strategy of the company. For this purpose, in the research survey through questionnaire method has been taken into account for the purpose of revealing the existing views of people. In this regard, Likert scale has been used in this work. On the basis of the SPSS analysis of the data, it has been revealed that Toys offered by the company can be taken into account as green and well accepted products in the marketplace.


    Research background

    The current situation of Lamaze Toys Company shows depreciation in sales due to the high presence of competitors that are selling eco-friendly products. Although, Lamaze produces toys with safe raw materials, still have not incorporated green production technology in its toys manufacturing (Brawley and Associates, 2012). The two indicating symptoms are described in the following text. The first symptom is that the consumers are more inclined towards the other competitors that sell eco-friendly toys along with a concern of the health of children. The second symptom is that there is high profitability and revenue returns of the brands selling green products as their cost of production is lower. The likely problem causing each symptom is that customers do not focus and consider the unique features of toys as important because they consider the quality of raw materials. Furthermore, the company's product length and variety is overlooked by customers that are produced to serve children of every age-group.

    Problem Statement

    The decision statement helps in determining the manner of solving a problem related to the business. After the formulation of decision statement, research objectives are framed accordingly, and it also helps in determining the required information for addressing the business situation (Zikmund et al., 2012). The decision statement for Lamaze can be framed as, "Which technology should be implemented in the manufacturing of the toys so that eco-friendly production is facilitated and competitive advantage is attained by the company?''

    Research Objective

    The research objective, in this case, will be to determine the customer perception for green products and to determine the actions that can help in attracting and retaining maximum customers by effective implementation of the practice of green production. In addition to this, another objective is to determine the factors that might influence the sales and profitability of Lamaze (Zikmund et al., 2012).

    //In the above text, the discussions have been done with regard to the current situation, problem statement and research objective in context to business decision situation. In the further text, the light is shed on the research question and hypothesis in agreement with the problem statement developed.//

    Research Question

    The research objectives are restated in the form of a research question that is described further. The research question in this case of Lamaze Toys is, "Does green production technology in toy production have a role in attracting more customers and increasing the sales and revenue of the company?''


    A hypothesis is a statement that is helpful in explaining the outcome of the result (Zikmund & Babin, 2012). In accordance with the research objectives of Lamaze Toys, the variables identified are green production, customer base, sales and profitability. The hypothesis framed is green technology has a significant impact and is positively connected with the customer base and sales of the company. In addition to this, the direction of the relationship states that there seems to be a positive relationship between the above variables as green production technology will positively increase the customer base and sales of the company.

    //The literature review is the very important part of the successful research. It entails the researcher to find and analyze the documents containing the information related to the research problem. It helps to point out the positive and negative aspects related to the problem. Therefore, before conducting the literature review, the research problems should be clearly defined. In this context, the following discussion has introduced the research problem of Lamaze Toys. //

    Literature Review

    Toys play a very important role in the initial phase of child's development. The child can easily learn the essential things by playing with toys (Deiner, 2012). The use of hazardous chemicals like lead, cadmium and others has posed the serious concern. Children come in contact with these hazardous chemicals because of their habits of chewing, licking and swallowing. The government has actively undertaken steps to control the use of such chemicals in the products or toysused by children. Toys highly exposed to these chemicals may be banned by the government. Hence, the eco-friendly manufacturing processes of toys will give Lamaze Toys competitive advantage to have sustainable growth in the toyindustry. The literature review conducted has provided details about the consumers' views for eco-friendly toys. It has highlighted the extent to which environment has increased in the manufacturers and consumers. The impact of hazardous chemicals on the kids' health, as well as, the health of toy industry has been discussed. It will help Lamaze Toys to make strategic decisions of diversifying its business focus towards eco-friendly manufacturing processes and products.

    Impacts of environment consciousness on toy industry

    According to Dangelico and Pujari (2010), the idea of 'Going Green' is considered very effective to sustain the business and environment. It emphasizes on both the important parameters of a successful business, i.e., innovation and sustainability (Dangelico & Pujari, 2010).

    The introduction of eco-friendly manufacturing requires the company to overcome challenges like the selection of materials, prevention of pollution, and the efficient use of energy. Green ...

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