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    organizational technology, value, and strategy

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    compose a persuasive 600-700 word essay linking organizational technology, value, and strategy. You may use a real-life organization you have researched (or worked for) in order to illustrate your argument. Cite the textbook and at least one article using the CSU Online Library database to support your paper's main ideas. Use section headers to share your findings, and persuade readers on the following topics:
     Identify three kinds of technology in an organization.
     Explain how different types of technology create different competencies.
     Describe how technology impacts organizational culture.
     Explain how technology can help organizational effectiveness.
     Relate how technology can propel an organization's global expansion strategies.

    must use one article to site from along with 3 other references. APA format. The references do not count toward the word count.

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    Identify three kinds of technology in an organization.

    The three primary types of technology that any organization must ensure that they have in 21st century business industries are adequate Inventory Control System, Customer Relationship Management Systems, and adequate Accounting software. The impetus for implementing an inventory control system within any organization that sells goods is predicated by its ability to track each and every item that is within the organization's inventory. This ensures that a business doesn't run out of stock of any merchandise, helps to prevent the organization from ordering unnecessary merchandise or too much, and updates any newly arrived inventory so the organization is able to view additions, track when they are sold, and how this is deducted from the totals.

    The importance of a Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) System can't be overstated. This system effectively tracks the customer's experience throughout their history with the company, assists in gaining permanent customers, and helps to recruit potential customers who may become permanent customers. The objective of any company is to ensure that they maintain their existing ...

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    Organizational technology, value, and strategy is examined.