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    National Library Board IT Case Study

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    Apply the Information Systems Strategy Triangle on the National Library Board (NLB)'s IT-enabled business transformation process and:

    (a) Propose the business strategy and value proposition of NLB and support your answers with examples.

    (b) Describe the organizational strategy of NLB to fulfil its new business strategy and value proposition.

    (c) Appraise the information system strategy of NLB to support its organizational strategy and new business strategy.

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    The information systems triangle strategy describes the relationship among business strategy, organizational strategy, and information strategy. The business strategy of NLB is to develop an adaptive public library system that would bring library and information services closer to the community. The next business strategy is to build a coordinated national collection strategy to ensure that maximum coverage of each subject with minimum duplication. Further, it is the business strategy to create a network of borderless libraries to allow access to information and resources from any location and at any time. The strategy is to improve value of information through repackaging and adding value to information. Next, the strategy of NLB is to introduce a variety of new services which will satisfy the needs of the customers. Finally NLB will develop linkages with businesses and other groups in the society. For example, the NLB introduced new services such as creating a teen's library. Consider another example; book drop was introduced so that users return their books through a designated spot at the library without having to queue at a counter. Several book drops were developed that enabled the return of books without having to queue at a counter.

    There are several ways in which NLB provided value to its users. Value was provided through digital presence through NLB website in 1995. The value proposition was that customers could access services such as CD-ROM and video-on-demand through Singapore ONE broadband services. The value was that the library was brought to the customer. The service provided value to its customers because it allowed them to create a personalized page that reflected the user's version of the digital library. The NLB also provided knowledge and information targeted at specific segments. For example, it provided information that was required for small and medium sized businesses. Its value proposition was it provided information that was required by the people of Singapore. An example of such a project was the Singapore Memory Project. This was a national project that provided memories in the form of ...

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