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    Research Proposal for Main Stage Events

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    Need Some Help about research proposal

    Prepare a simple research proposal related to your area outlining the main stages

    Selecting a topic (about, how the transportation or delivery business is the most beneficial of today business sector,
    and that's all because of advanced technology like; smart phones, and social media. In which they have changed how organization do business and the individual is the most beatifically of this technology thanks to low cost of advertisement and all.)

    The purpose of the study
    Hypothesis, objectives, and research question
    Working title and project outline
    Write as you go

    All I need is 5- 6 pages, (Word Document)
    Be sure to use academic references and cite to support your analysis. (APA references). ( use many cite as you can to support your analysis, minimum 4cites)

    Thats all Thanks.

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    The response addresses the query posted in 2008 words with APA references

    //Transportation can be defined as the movement of products from a source such as factory or workshop to a destination such as a warehouse, customer, or retail store. Transportation takes place through air, water, rail, and road by using the medium of transportation such as trucks, trains and planes. In the following research proposal, the benefits of the transport system are mentioned in the business sector and the connection it has with logistics//.

    Purpose of the Study

    The transportation-related activities help in determining the competency level of moving products. The advancement in the techniques and management principles has resulted in improving the delivery speed, quality of service, operational costs and use of facilities. Transportation acts as deciding factor of success by manipulating the logistic services of an organization. On critically analyzing the present situation, a strong system requires logistics to implement the transportation services cautiously (Delivering Tomorrow, 2015).The purpose of the research is to determine the benefits of transportation or delivery business in the business sector and to use the methodologies to bring further improvement in this field. The objective of this research is to provide assistance to the researchers, transportation planners, and logistics managers to understand the concept of logistics and its application so as to relate logistics and transportation (Delivering Tomorrow, 2015). This research will also explore the areas of improvement in the field of transportation and delivery to increase profit ratio of the companies (Delivering Tomorrow, 2015).


    Hypotheses, which is to be test in this project is given below:

    H0: Transportation or delivery system is not the most beneficial system in current business scenario

    H1: Transportation or delivery system is the most beneficial system in current business scenario


    The aims and objectives help the researcher to identify those areas, where analysis and evaluation is required so as to get familiar with the current situation and provide recommendations for improvement purpose. Objectives help in providing guidance and direction to facilitate planning and motivate a person to move ahead.

    The objectives of this research proposal are mentioned below:

    · To analyze the benefits of transportation or delivery business in the business sector.

    · To understand the manner in which customers are affected by transportation system and create an impression of the company in their eyes.

    · To critically analyze the present scenario of transport and delivery system in the business sector.

    · To investigate the areas of improvement in the transportation system resulting in improving the image of an organization in the eyes of customers.

    Research Question

    The main focus of this research proposal is to identify the significance of transportation or delivery business in the business sector so as to achieve customer satisfaction. The research question for this proposal is as "to what extent does transportation or delivery business contributes to growing and developing business?"

    //Transportation plays a significant role resulting in the movement of goods to reach to the customers to maximize the profit. With the help of effective transport system, goods can be delivered on the right time as per customers' demands. It fills the gap between customers and producers//.

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