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    Wilson Soccer Ball product

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    What is the size of the market for the Wilson Soccer Ball product, e.g. how many of these are sold or the total sales of these per year at the retail level? What is its market share for this product? What are the locations of the company in the US?
    Identify 3 - 5 competitors of this company and their market share for their brands? (Adidas, Champion, Baden, Franklin, etc).
    Now research the supply chain:
    Upstream Supply Chain. What are the key supplies and materials needed to produce this product? Include not only the materials that go into the product, but also any packaging that is needed. Identify as many of the actual supplier companies as you can and where they are located in the U.S.
    Downstream Supply Chain. What are the customers of this company/industry? Do they sell to distributors, wholesalers, retailers? Identify as many customers as you can and where they are located in the U.S.
    Generate a diagram of this Supply Chain including the specific company/industry and showing the suppliers and customers.
    (3-4 pages, cited)

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    //Supply chain theory is important in the field of market as it manages the business organization for competing in the national and international market. In this context, the supply chain theory of Wilson Soccer Ball is studied in the below section. The upstream and downstream supply chain of Wilson Soccer Ball is also discussed in the below section.//

    Supply Chain Theory

    Amer Sport is among the largest sports equipment companies that recognize the brands like, Atomic, Precor, Suunto and Wilson. Further, Wilson is the largest manufacturer of the equipment related to the ball sports (Lipsey, 2006). The core categories of ball sports are squash, badminton, tennis, soccer, baseball, basket balls, and others.

    Supply chain theory comprises of various distribution channels and modes through which the flow of goods and services are determined (Snyder & Shen, 2011). The movement includes the transference of raw material, inventory, finished goods from one point to another (Jespersen & Larsen, 2005). The supply chain starts from costumers who decide the purchase of the specific product and then he decides to contact to the sales department and then the other parts of this supply chain are planning, purchasing, inventory, production and finally transportation. In this context, Wilson Soccer Ball products' market share, upstream ...

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