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    Extend the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC)

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    1) Using the Wilson Soccer Ball product, extend the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC) all the way back (upstream) to the RAW materials needed to produce this product and to package it. Then extend the supply chain forward (downstream) all the way to the RETAIL industry that sells to the consumer.
    a. Backward explosion of the EESC (upstream): Identify the materials needed to produce this product and the materials needed to package this product. Identify how these materials are produced, and what is needed to produce them. Then go back another step, identifying the materials needed. Do this backward stepping until you come to basic RAW materials. These will most likely be generated by Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Hunting, Mining, Quarrying and Oil/Gas Extraction.

    b. Forward explosion of the EESC (downstream): Start with the customers of Wilson and the industry. Identify their customers. Are these Wholesale or Distribution? Then repeat this by identifying the next level of customers. Do this forward stepping until you come to the RETAIL level - the companies that sell to the consumer. Identify the types of Retail businesses - what kind of businesses are there? Be specific. Identify as many kinds of retail as possible. Include online/websites, if the product is sold this way.

    2) Generate a diagram that shows the whole EESC from RAW to RETAIL.

    3) Identify and discuss the various industries throughout this EESC. What are the major locations for each of these industries? Where in the US are they located? Where in the world are they located? Is anyone of the upstream industries a bottleneck? Are there any specific issues within this EESC, such as legalities, shortages, changing technologies, etc.?
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    // Extended supply chain management is the best way to expand the wings of supply chain in global world. Effective management of supply chain provides various financial benefits to an organization like on time delivery, reduced overall costs and others. In this regard, the following discussion will focus on Wilson Soccer Ball EESC to the raw materials that is the upstream production//.

    1. a) The Wilson Soccer Ball products, in order to intensify its product has taken an initiative in building the extended supply chain. In extended supply chain, various supply chain partners collaborate on the behalf of trust, shared vision and commitments to form an integrated supply chain. Basically, it helps an organization in expanding its value mission, cross system relationships and others (Davis & Spekman, 2004). The Wilson Soccer ball products are prepared with extreme care and planning so as to avoid any accidents of the players. Although seems to be very simple, but the ball has been composed of various synthetic materials like rubber, latex, polyester, cotton materials, microfiber and poly vinyl chloride are used in preparing the products that basically helps in minimizing the moisture absorption capacity and thus preventing the ball from becoming heavy. These materials generally comes from the productions of Asia, China, Vietnam and Pakistan. The panels of the ball are prepared either by stitching with the use of polyester. The linings in the ball are made up by polyester or cotton lamination. Another component of the ball called as bladder is developed by latex, polyurethane or butyl (Soccer Ball World, 2015).

    b) The soccer manufacturing industry runs on a large scale production because of high demand during the seasons of World Cup. and is responsible for contributing towards child labour extensively. The major players of the soccer industry are experiencing a stuck feeling between greater production costs and ...

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