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    Review the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC)

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    Review the Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC) from the attached paper. Identify in the EESC where each of the four modes of transportation are used: rail, inland water, ocean, and over the road trucking (OTR). Use topic headings for each mode. Identify the materials being transported from which industry to which industry. Include a diagram of the EESC. Discuss why this mode is being used and what the costs are on a per ton-mile basis. Use at least 6 references, cited. 3-4 pages in length.

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    //Extended Enterprise Supply Chain (EESC) management is the best method for expanding the supply chain around the world. Effective supply chain management reduces expenses of an organization and helps in timely delivery of materials.//

    EESC in Soccer Ball Industry

    Wilson Soccer Ball is a company that has taken the initiative to integrate the supply chain management in the soccer ball industry. Extended supply chain management is a process, which brings together various suppliers from across the world to make an integrated supply chain that helps in reducing the costs of both, suppliers, and the company. EESC is built on trust between suppliers, who have same vision and commitment. Wilson Soccer Ball is engaged in the business of making the soccer balls for the players. This looks like a very easy process, however, these soccer balls are made with extreme care to avoid any injury to the players. The soccer balls are made with various products like rubber, latex, polyester and microfiber, which are bought from various countries like Asia, Vietnam, and Pakistan. Firstly, the panels are made, which are stitched together with the help of polyester (Davis & Spekman, 2004).

    The soccer ball industry has fluctuating demands, which increases during the World Cup and is low throughout the year. The companies have to balance between higher production costs and economical customers. This has led this industry to exclusively engage in child labor. The EESC of ...

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