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    Differences in linear programming, data analytics, and SCM

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    I have given you guidance based on the information provided. Since there were no tables or other pertinent scheduling information, the guidance is based on what information I would use. If you have any further questions, please ask.

    . Data-driven decision-making aka data analytics
    What is the general purpose of the technique?
    To provide data that helps drive the decision making process. It uses data drawn from appropriate sources to inform the decision makers.
    . How does or should this help operations in general?
    It provides valid, timely information that helps decision makers. The information supports conclusions and makes it easier to analyze organizational needs and competitive needs. On average,the data driven approach ups productivity approximately 5% and profitability 6% (hbr.org, 2014)
    . What are the limitations of the technique?
    The data has to be quality and the right information for the decisions. It must be valid and clear, making it understandable for the decision maker. The person analyzing the information must be effective in their interpretation. The information must be business information that matters to the business and the decisions to be made.
    . What are the costs involved? What training is needed to use the
    technique? What else is needed?
    The people using the data driven decision making process must have an understanding of basic statistics and the interpretation of them. Hands on training is best for learning to use data sets.
    . At Acme Mexico City, what is the problem, opportunity, or challenge that
    this technique can address?
    How is the competition doing? What can the company do to meet the demands of the customers, while competing successfully with other retail outlets already in the market? This can include, what products are people looking for and what cultural needs do the people in Mexico City have that can be addressed with data supporting their choices. Additionally, the sales figures for other outlets doing business in the area can be analyzed to find target markets and niche markets where Acme can bring in customers that will then shop other areas as well. The data will also help decision makers decide the areas of the store that need specific skill sets for employees and how to schedule those individuals to help the store meet customer demands. Schedules are also important to note when looking at peak shopping times and days at other stores and what areas are bringing customers in on those times and days. Issues of causes for what brings customers in and what they are buying to meet those causes helps determine the cause and effect. Is there a larger number of people in during certain times of the year and what are they purchasing? It can also help when determining the relationship between certain types of sales, classes and workshops offered, special incentives for customers and when ...

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