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    Oral presentation

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    Prepare a presentation on Walmart, (PowerPoint Slides).
    8 to 10 Slides is All I need.

    And then answer briefly in ( Word Document) in :
    •What are the different components of report?
    •Write briefly about oral presentation and its parts.

    Only in 1 - 2 pages is all I need,

    And do not forget to Cite references

    That's all, Thanks

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    Components of a report, either written or oral, are very much the same. The most important part of an oral report is the planning. One should choose a subject they care about when possible. In the presentation on Walmart, there are many choices on how to approach the company. The author should choose the aspect they are interested in and compose it to reflect their interests. Another aspect is to choose the purpose of the report. Is it about persuading someone to your point of view or to inform them?
    The oral report has three basic parts, just like a written report. The content of some of these depends on the type of report, but ...

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    A short presentation on Walmart and review of the parts of a report.