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    Self-Assessment and improvement of Presentation Skills

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    Rate yourself on your current writing and presentation skills (e.g., poor, fair, good, excellent). How much of an improvement do you think you have made since you first began your program course work? What sorts of improvements would you still like to make?

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    Below is a step-by-step example of how you can complete this assignment. In the first step I gave examples of poor, fair, good and excellent writing/presentation skills. There are also examples in the remaining steps that are intended to help you rate yourself and complete this assignment.

    Step 1: Examples of writing/presentation skills

    Poor writing/presentation skills: Poor written skills are indicated by incomplete, grammatically incorrect, or run on sentences with misspelled words and a thought pattern that is difficult for the reader to follow. In presentation, poor skills are evidenced by using filler words excessively (i.e. "um"); no eye contact with the audience, stammering over words, losing your place, speaking in a voice that the audience cannot hear, or speaking in a monotone when giving oral presentations; minimal or no knowledge of the subject matter (as evidenced by stammering over words, saying "um", and other gestures previously listed), lacks confidence and appears nervous and jittery throughout presentation, etc.

    Fair writing/presentation skills: Fair skills are indicated by a slight improvement in the poor areas (see above).

    Good writing/presentation skills: Good written skills are indicated by minimal errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation; a comprehensive flow from one paragraph/thought pattern to the next; a thought process that readers and listeners are able to discern and follow; thorough knowledge of the subject matter evident by flow of writing and oral presentation; ...

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    Having good writing and presentation skills in a classroom or work setting are invaluable. This 1,000-word solution provides a step-by-step example of how you can complete an assignment requiring you to evaluate your own writing/presentation skills. This solution also includes definitions of poor, fair, good and excellent writing/presentation skills along with detailed examples and sample scenarios of each. These examples will assist you in rating yourself and conclude with a sample response of how you can use this information to improve your writing and presentation skills.