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    Balancing Loop, Reinforcing Loop

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    Balancing and Reinforcing Loop- Explain each one of these loops - what are the causal factors and how do they affect each other. For the Reinforcing Loop, look for an area where there is growth. For the Balancing Loop, look for goal behavior.

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    Balancing feedback loops are negative feedback loops and are circles of cause and effect that counter a change with a push in the opposite direction. The balancing loop attempts to move some current state to a desired state through action. This action is required to reach a goal. The balancing loop is a situation where there is a goal or an objective and action is taken to attain the goal. For example, if a firm has set the objective of increasing production by 10% it has created a balancing loop. The desired state in this example is 10% increase in production; this interacts with the current state to produce a gap. The gap is created by the difference between the ...

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