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    google technology research

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    google technology research

    Analyze these five Google technologies that are currently under research and development.
    Self-driving Automobile
    Home Automation
    Smart thermostat
    Google fiber
    Cancer approach or clean energy. Choose one.
    Analysis of Self-Driving Automobile (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
    Analysis of Home automation (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
    Analysis of Smart thermostats (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
    Analysis of google fiber (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
    Analysis of clean energy/ cancer approach. (Choose one of them) (500-word description & analysis of impacts on society)
    APA In-Text Citations and APA Reference List
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    I have provided the basic information on each of these and references. I have left room for you to include your thoughts and ideas. The references are easy to read and might give you some insight into what you think is important about each of these.

    Self-driving Automobile

    Google's self driving car is an effort to both create an innovation of a commonly used product and an attempt to improve the lives of people. The cars are built with sensors first, that are programmed to sense people and things, so it can avoid them The ability to safely drive around pedestrians and bicyclers, motorcyclists, and other cars is one of the ways that the cars would make driving safer. The use of software, that help the sensors could be modified for scenarios as varied as city streets, country roads, and all roads in between. Google maps are already one of the most reliable mapping systems in the world, which would help navigation issues. The car would know where it is, even if the person "driving" it did not. With the mapping system installed, the car could identify the street, town, state and even the country where it was.

    One of the features is the ability to "detect objects all around us." (google.com) The sensors are able to classify the things based on size, shape, and how it moves. It can tell the difference between an light pole, a pedestrian, and another vehicle. Using this description from the sensor, the software can then analyze the object to determine what it might do next. Being able to analyze and quickly determine the alternatives for each object, much like a computer can compute faster than the human brain, would allow it to make adjustments quicker as well. On a city street, those split second choices can change how and where the car goes and the best speed to accomplish this. People who prefer to drive fast everywhere they go might not appreciate this, but the lives saved and accidents avoided should help them overcome this aversion to safer speeds.

    The cars are not designed to drive, but rather to ride in. It would be used by accessing it through a smart phone. It would not have a steering wheel. While this is a different feel, it will allow a better future for many people, who currently do not have access to transportation of their own. It has the potential to open up travel and just trips to the store for those with physical and visual disabilities. It will help older drivers who have diminished sight and reactions continue to be independent. It will also help those who must drive for long distances, able to go further or for longer on the road.

    Hopefully it will diminish the number of accidents due to driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol. And reduction of all those accidents caused by human error. Having such a vehicle could help save money in terms of insurance costs, medical bills and repairs caused by damage in accidents. It probably will not stop every accident, but it will prevent those modern accidents from using the phone or texting/chatting/checking email that seem to be all too common on the road today.

    The cars include systems for braking, lasers, electric batteries, computer and other safety oriented features. And they are cute, so some of the worst drivers will be attracted to them for their looks.

    Home Automation

    The new system, introduced in May, 2015 is called Brillo and it works with a smart phone. It has a new operating system that makes the consumer's home and its appliances, etc, smarter. Like the Wi-Fi enabled home automation it acquired in 2014, Nest, this one will help further automate the home. The first thing to know about this system is that it allows different devices in the home to talk to each other. It sets them up with a common language and then enables them to ...

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