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    Google's new projects research

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    In addition to the self-driving automobile, find four other current Google technologies under research ?

    2. Share one interesting finding about each of the five technologies you will be researching (your four chosen technologies plus the self-driving automobile).

    3. Which of these technologies do you think has the greatest potential to improve our society in the future? Why?

    this should be a short paper. anything around 300 words will be ok.

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    Among the new technologies researched by Google is Home Automation. This is an extension of the idea that homes can be automated to turn on and off lights or on the coffee pot or stove from a distant device. The Google house will expand to makers of all types of gadgets and machines in the home, with a platform that allows a user to have their home sense when things need to be done.

    Driverless Cars are already a reality if a stopped car is any indication. Google was testing the car and it was stopped for going too slow. ...

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    Five of the potential research projects under Google's for future use.