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Target Marketing: McDonald's 'senior' restaurant

1. Read Case Study # 1, McDonald's "Seniors" Restaurant. Evaluate Suzanne's current strategy regarding senior citizens. In terms of defining a "target market", is Suzanne on target? Does this strategy improve this McDonald's image? What is her product? What would your advice to Suzanne be? Explain why or why not?

Marketing of services

Service Marketing your friend seeks your advice as he is opening up a new restaurant this year. a)Challenges that this service industry will face and the solution that the operator should be aware b) making use of examples, assess the extent to which a good understanding of demand patterns and capacity constraints might

Concept of brand equity and compare two products

Explain the concept of brand equity and compare two products (they can be goods or services and can be consumer or B2B/Industrial products) one of which has high brand equity and one of which has little or no brand equity. Examine whether there is something wrong with the marketing strategy behind the low equity product. Is it a

What are the four brand development strategies?

You are the marketing manager for a successful manufacturer of off-road bicycles that appeal to men 18-29 years old. Explain how you would us the four brand development strategies in the text to come up with three products that you could add to your brand. Describe the products.

Caterpillar: Use of PR tools to communicate with internal and external publics

Evaluate a company that communicates regularly with its internal/external publics. Examine the effectiveness of its communications process and the impact of effective communications process to its external/internal publics.  Cite at least three examples of the actual PR tools used by the chosen organization. I would like

Coca-Cola Branding Strategies

Select a large company that has created a strong product identity in the market (for example Coca-Cola, Tide Detergent, or Crest Toothpaste). What branding strategies has the company used to create their product identity? Provide examples and explain your reasoning.

Market Target Segment

Company: M.A.C Cosmetics 1. Which main market segment does the company target? 2. What is speical about this segement? 3. On what bases is this segement differentiated? 4. How does this segment score on the four criteria for effective targeting of market segements?

You are the CEO of a company that markets "Made In USA products"

You are the CEO of a company that markets "Made In USA products". You have an opportunity to triple your revenues in the next three years and increase profitability twofold with very little investment by taking advantage of an offer made by an Indian company to market your products throughout the Pacific Rim. One of the key co

brand names and product categories

Go to the websites of these two companies ( and ) and spend some time poking around. I want for you to locate a listing of their brand names and product categories and find out all of the different consumer products they control. Are you surpris

Family Mediation Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan: Phase I Paper ****PLEASE USE A (COUNSELING CLINIC CONSIDERING STARTING FAMILY MEDIATION) AS THE NEW SERVICE FOR THE MARKETING PLAN , WITH THAT IN MIND, ANSWER QUESTIONS #4 and #5. ALSO CITE 1 SOURCE AS A REFERENCE. (a) Create a new product or service for an existing organization. This product or serv

PR Scenario

The management of your company is trying to decide whether or not to use a public relations campaign or an advertising campaign to convey its new image (or to promote a new product or service, your choice). As the public relations director, explain to the chief executive officer why you believe a public relations campaign would

Job Description for Marketing

Explain in at least one paragraph that lists the marketing-related roles you would need filled. Can you explain in two paragraphs describing one of the marketing roles in more detail. Also explain to me what Craft a high-level job description that identifies the activities that will be completed, the skills required, and the lev

Goals and methodologies to conduct market research

It's Popcorn Time's financial advisor likes what she is hearing. However, before she agrees to spend any money on marketing communication (i.e advertising), she wants you to do market research to ensure your thoughts will be well received in the marketplace. a) What do you want to learn through research? b) What qualitativ

International marketing

The president of XYZ Manufacturing Company of Buffalo, New York, comes to `you with a license offer from a company in Osaka, Japan. In return for sharing the company's patents and know-how, the Japanese company will pay a license fee of five percent (5%) of the factory price of all products sold on the U.S. company's license.

What type of exploratory research would you suggest in the following situations?

A. A product manager suggests development of a non tobacco cigarette blended from wheat, cocoa, and citrus. b. A research project has the purpose of evaluating potential brand names for a new insecticide. c. A manager must determine the best site for a convenience store in an urban area. d. An advertiser wishes to identif

Discussing Alternative Distribution Channels

You and your team have decided to investigate the use of alternative distribution channels. Use the Library and internet to provide one other alternative channel management technique that could help a company sell its products or services. What conclusions, both positive and negative, can you draw about alternative channel manag

Brand and Product Name

I am looking for guidance on a brand name and product name for a fruit juice based beverage marketed to health conscious consumers. The new product will be known as an energy drink targeted at not specifically athletes but ever health conscious men and women within the middle and upper classes of socio economic buying power. We

Brand Loyalty Strategies

Select a brand for which you feel loyalty. It could be a brand of ketchup, toilet paper, underwear, an engine part, or even a telecommunications provider. Analyze how you became loyal to the brand. What types of strategies has the brand undertaken over the years to maintain and extend its appeal to the consumer? Please respo

Pricing Strategies and Promotional Mix

- What is the importance and effectiveness of various pricing strategies? - What is the importance and effectiveness of distribution channel options? - Consider an IT company which deals in developing spftware application products for the telecommunications sector. What could be an element of promotional mix which is used

Develop and market a new brand - Puget Sound Food Company

Case You are the new marketing consultant for the Puget Sound Food Company based in Seattle, WA. The company manufactures many types of packaged and frozen food products currently marketed in the Northwest. The company is considering how to best grow and develop its brand and is targeting a product line extension or a new pro

Company Arguments "Differentiate or Die."

Jack Trout of the famous marketing combo Trout and Ries, argues companies must "Differentiate or Die." Please assess his premise. What do you think he means? Is Differentiation "THAT" important? Why or why not? Give an example or two.

Modifying Products Over Time

What are the considerations in designing a line of products and making modifications to that line over time? How might this effect brand image?

Consumer Behavior of WalMart

Please read the article that I attached, "Wal-Mart's Fashion Faux Pas" about Wal-Mart failed attempt to persuade consumers to buy high end items at its store., and address the following question. As a marketing consultant to Wal-Mart (hired to help the corporation achieve its goal of getting a segment of the consumer market t

False and misleading advertising

False and misleading advertising-in 2005 a federal court issued an order January 6th that barred Listerine advertisements that claim the mouthwash is as effective as floss in reducing interproximal plaque and gingivitis. Judge Chin concluded that the Listerine claims represent "false and misleading advertising" and pose a public