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    Monopolistic Competition: Fast Food

    Fast Food Industry: Go to http://www.mcdonalds.com/, http://www.bk.com/ and http://www.wendys.com/. Are these three firms participating in a monopolistically competitive market? What characteristics of the good make the market monopolistically competitive? Explain.

    Heinz Corp Marketing: Concept of core benefits to explain the firm's strategy.

    When asked to explain its success in international marketing, the Heinz Corporation often says that although it may sell the same products in many of its foreign markets, it rarely sells them as if they were the same product. Use the concept of core benefits to explain the firm's strategy. Please provide examples also.

    Global marketing

    The Whirlpool Corporation is anxious to provide a wealth of information about its products, including direct comparisons against its major rivals, and offers the strongest warranties and customer service department in its industry. The firm has explained its policies by pointing to the fact that customers tend to experience perc

    Advertising Past and Present

    Research a print advertisement from before 1970 for a product/service that is still in existence today; and then locate a current advertisement for the same product/service. Based on the readings and your research on the two advertisements, analyze how the target market for the product/service has changed. Over the years ad

    Coke and Pepsi Wars

    A relevant article: http://wehner.tamu.edu/mgmt.www/v-buenger/466/Coke_and_Pepsi.pdf 1. Discuss Coke and Pepsi's current situation. 2. Discuss how Coke has been a leader in the cola wars and Pepsi a follower. 3. Discuss how Pepsi has been a leader in the cola wars and Pepsi a follower. 4. Discuss the direction of

    Question about advertising strategy

    Why is it important to have an advertising strategy? How would your strategy differ for product advertising as opposed to service advertising? Why is there a difference? Provide an example of each type of advertising.

    Carnival Cruise: Brand name leverage, CRM system, loyalty programs

    Discussion 1 Discuss how Carnival can use its brand name to leverage business in the industry. Discussion 2 Discuss how implementing an effective CRM system at Carnival can lead to satisfied guests and repeat customers. Discussion 3 Evaluate the viability of loyalty programs in the cruising industry. Discussion 4 Di

    Building product awareness

    When launching a product, would it be better to have the strength of a household brand name behind you or and up-and-coming unknown? Why? How does building awareness for your product differ between established companies and start-ups?

    Advising against a marketing idea

    Although we try to be optimistic and idyllic when applying marketing skills and in our way of thinking, there isn't always a positive "win-win". How do you work with a company or client in advising them if there is an idea that is not a good? How do you remain in a strategic role even when you advise against a marketing idea? In

    The Importance of Distribution and Supply Chain Management

    1. Is distribution an important element of the marketing mix? What value does it add to the product? Describe one of the three major distribution strategies with an example. Discuss whether that strategy was successful, and describe an alternative strategy that might have also worked. 2. Why is it important for a supply chain


    I have to develop a two-to-three page survey instrument (questionnaire) that could be used to evaluate the consumer's view of a product or service. This should be approximately 15 questions. The choice of product or service is mines. I have to define it clearly and early in the survey document. Also, have to include a short

    Controlling channels

    If you were in a marketing leadership role at a product company, how might you retain control over your channels? Is control important to you if results are good? How might you ensure that your brand stays in tact? If each channel is hitting their sales numbers and goals, is there a downside?

    Information Technology

    1. Do you think Information Technology is instrumental in improving a company's performance or is it an overhead? Give your perspective using appropriate examples. Consider a company's performance with respect to the following parameters: Market share Consumer loyalty Recognition/awards 2. What makes a good brand

    High-volume/low-margin or a low-volume/high-margin company

    1) What premium-priced companies can you identify that are successful? - What premium-priced companies have you seen fail? - What justifies a premium price? - What are the risks starting your price too low? - What are the risks starting your price too high? 2) How do you determine whether you will aim to be a high-volume

    Less than perfect products and products with slow start

    1) If you were a Microsoft or auto manufacturer, justify why you would put less than perfect products in the market place. What is the strategy? Is this by design? Are you concerned about the long-term brand impact it will have? 2) GPS is one example of a product with a slow start, but the potential for a huge future. So, how

    Hierarchy of Effects Model

    What are the various creative components of print media and which element of the Hierarchy of Effects model do they attain?

    Marketing challenges Classic Airlines face

    Consider what product or service Classic Airlines is marketing, the marketing challenges it faces and its current corporate culture. Explain some of the marketing concepts studied this week (marketing concepts, trends and tasks, components of an effective marketing plan, market research process in developing a business solution)

    Advanced Marketing Approaches

    Many marketing researchers have their favorite research approaches or techniques, although different researchers often have different preferences. Some researchers maintain that the only way to really learn about consumers or brands is through indepth, qualitative research. Others contend that the only legitimate and defensible

    The Internet's Effect on Marketing-Communication Strategies

    The Internet is rapidly overtaking traditional communications media as the primary, if not sole, source of information for the cohorts in Generation X and Generation Y. What are the implications for marketing-communications strategies if these trends continue?

    Market Research Implementation Plan: Starbucks

    Hello. I need help with the following: **The selected organization is STARBUCKS. My scenario: I am focusing on competing coffee companies and what attracts people to those other companies. Starbucks needs to meet the needs and demands of those consumers, whatever that may be. I see this leaning more towards price because S

    Define Marketing: three researched definitions

    Write a paper in which you define marketing. Apply your interpretation of THREE researched definitions to examples of how marketing strategies and tactics create success in ONE company. Properly cite researched sources of marketing definitions used. Format according to APA standards. Include references for reference page in A

    Ethical Dilemmas in Marketing Research: Example Problem

    In thinking about your company or organization, or a past employer, give an example of an ethical dilemma that occurred or could arise in marketing research? What role would ethics plays in relation to market researchers using observational methodologies for market research?

    Define market research, identify different types

    Uni Care Life & Health Insurance Company ? Write a paper in which you describe the importance of marketing research to Uni Care's Life & health organization's management team. In the paper address the following: o Define market research. o If your selected organization uses marketing research, identify the different types

    Failure of Promising Products

    Can you help me get started on this assignment? Failure of Promising Products It happens quite often that some products that seem to be extremely promising unexpectedly fail. Why does it happen? How could you make sure that a product doesn't fail? Identify a product that has failed in the marketplace and outline the reason

    MBA level marketing case - Cabo San Viejo and questions

    Hi there: There involves reading a case and answering some questions. There's not too many calculations-- mostly good marketing ideas with logical thinking and data and marketing strategies to back up your answers. The case is: “Cabo San Viejo: Rewarding Loyalty” by Youngme Moon and Gail J. McGovern Harvard Business