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International marketing choices

International marketing Out of the following three, which is the most extreme, most feasible, and least reasonable - explain 1. customization of a product according to country 2. standardization of a product for all countries 3. adaptation of a product according to country

Brand Management of Do-the-Wild-Thing

Suppose you are the brand manager for Do-the-Wild-Thing, an unscented deodorant shampoo aimed at Generation-X members. Sales of your product have been declining. Exploratory research suggests your brand is not price competitive. Outline a research plan that would provide you with the information you need to decide what to do. Ex

Discussion questions

1. Marketing talks about several types of pricing objectives that manufacturers use to sell their products. Describe two common, everyday products and the pricing objective the company uses to sell it. 2. Is it possible for a company to use two or more pricing objectives either simultaneously or back to back? Why or why n

Starwood Hotel brands differentiate themselves from other hotel

Q: Even after corporate travel managers have selected and negotiated with individual hotel chains, the individual corporate traveler can still choose among the various chains listed in his company's directory. How can Westin and the other Starwood Hotel brands differentiate themselves from other hotel chains and make themselves

Marketing Strategy

Describe the marketing strategy you would use to build an existing pharmaceutical brand, including the following: An assessment of the importance of aligning your low-level brand-building strategies with the organization's overall strategy. An evaluation of the role stakeholder relationships play in your brand-building pro

Explain how each of the following factors might affect consumer search

3) Explain how each of the following factors might affect consumer search: (a) Brand loyalty (b) Store loyalty (c) uncertainty about which brand best meets consumers needs (d) the importance consumers place on paying a low price 5) A recent study has classified consumers into one of three segment based on the


Attach is John's recommendation to Branding a product and also my counter against it. Please help add some advice,comments to make it better to argue against the recommendtaion. John's recommendation: Branding and Packaging Rohm & Haas allows distributors to brand the original Kathon 886 MW formula, yet do not allow

Regression report

Case 3.4 Pampers Develops a Rash - A Rash Share of Market Share in your text (pages 688-689). use SPSS and the SPSS data (Case3.4Pampers_Data.Sav). In the Group Project in Unit 4, Crosstabs were used to examine how the various independent variables were related to the development of a brand preference. Using the higher level

Strategies in Action - Hospitality Industry

Business, Other Other Strategies in Action (hospitality industry- Hotel ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Strategies in Action Select two innovations in your organization (or an organization of which you have good knowledge) has ‘developed in recent years. The inn

SWOTT analysis

I need to do the SWOTT analysis of the new Cadbury's Fuse bar. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, Trends. Here is the link to the product description: