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    The Brand Building Process

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    What is your personal definition of branding? How has the continued growth in the number of brands to choose from affected the brand-building process? Which steps in the brand-building process have the most effect on you as a consumer?

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    For me, branding is the process in which a company assigns a specific name/term, symbol, design or a combination of them to its product or service with the purpose of making the prospective customers/clients see the product/service as something that can best provide a solution to their problem. In choosing a good brand, it is important that it delivers the message clearly as it motivates the buyer because it can confirm the company's credibility as it connects to the prospective customers emotionally. A brand is something that reminds customers of their overall experiences and perceptions of the product/service offered by the company. It is important that companies invest time and money in building their brand. Branding is the foundation in marketing communication.

    According to Glatstein, the 5 steps in the brand building process include the following:

    1. Create your 'reasons-to-believe' in the brand name by emphasizing why it's an intelligent choice for the customers to buy the product and why they must believe in it.
    2. Identify the customer touch points that ...

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