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    Marketing in India: Cell Phones

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    Rural India snaps:

    1. Why do Indians in rural areas buy cellphones? How does it provide value to them?

    2. How do wireless telecom companies in India market cellphones to such rural consumers? Is this an attractive market?

    3. What general lessons can we learn from this article about marketing to the bottom of the pyramid?

    This might help:
    Ethical dilemmas abound in international marketing, and firms need to incorporate ethical values from the top down, as part of the corporate culture, and in their code of conduct, in order to inculcate ethical behavior. Such an ethical lens can guide the firm when it attempts to market to the "Bottom of the Pyramid", the two-thirds of the world's population with incomes under $2000 per year. Microfinance is an example of an approach to addressing the consumption needs of the world's poor. The International Design Summit at MIT, and Cemex's Patrimonio program, drawing on microfinance principles, are two examples of how marketing programs can be ethical and meet the needs of the world's lower income populations.

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    1. Why do Indians in rural areas buy cell phones? How does it provide value to them?

    In some of the rural areas of India, transportation is not very accessible. Khairat village is one of the areas that can be accessed only by foot or by motorcycle. Cell phones serve as a practical alternative to reach other people for business or personal matters. For instance, one doesn't need to go down to the market just to ask for the prices or availability of certain commodities nor does he or she need to go to the house of his or her relatives to ask a question or say something. If they have a cell phone, it is easier, faster, and these reasons make its benefits outweigh its costs.

    Cell phones make life easier for the people in rural areas not only in personal matters but in business matters as well. It is easy for them to connect and reach potential employers. Mobile phones provide them better opportunities to be able to find more sources of income because they are readily accessible for services anytime and anywhere there is coverage. They can easily communicate with each other and agree on any matter that will give them the possibility to earn. As a result, most of rural folks earn more than when they didn't have a phone.

    It is important for Indians living in rural areas to have a cell phone because there ...

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