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Price strategy for corded headset for cell phones

The product selected by my team was the corded headset for cell phones. The reason this was picked is because a few members figured there was still reason to push that model being that the bluetooth headset does not work so well all the time and the sound reception is not always great. I need some help developing a price strategy for the selling of the corded headset versus the bluetooth. References are another thing I need to try to come up with.

2. Marketing Plan: Phase III Outline
Based on the product or service you selected for your Marketing Plan: Phase I Outline, prepare an outline to include the following information

Identify the appropriate price strategy that should be used for the product or service.

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Prices are the direct, internal, variable, perceived costs involved in consuming a good, that is, the factors that directly affect decisions by individual people and organizations (called firms) concerning what goods and services to consume. Thus Pricing is deciding the consideration that customer has to pay in lieu of the organization's goods and/ or services. It means deciding the right price which consumer has to pay including discount structure. When deciding the price, marketers must always be thinking of whom their target markets are. They must understand the wants and needs of the customer then construct marketing strategies and plans that will satisfy these wants and also meet or exceed the objectives of the organization.

Our pricing strategy will be based on perceived value pricing.

Value-based pricing is a ...

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