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Matching a potential sponsor with a property

How would you match a potential sponsor with a property?

What factors would you use to determine the most beneficial match?

Name five potential sponsors in a community that would fit your criteria for the most beneficial match.

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1. Matching a potential sponsor with a property requires finding some connection between the sponsor and the property of interest. This can be a community or neighborhood interest, which may come from a member of law enforcement, a person on the city council or other figure in the community who works in the area in which the property is located. "If your company isn't located in or doesn't do business in the market where the sponsorship is relevant, then it probably doesn't make much sense" (, 2010). Those who work in or near the location of the property have a greater interest in what goes on there.

I would also consider any local businesses in close proximity to the property. Those that may be able to offer services to residents or owners of the property, such as furniture stores/rentals, grocery stores, home improvement centers or bed and bath shops are all services that may be utilized by property residents or owners. This type of match can be a 'win-win' situation for both the ...

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