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Project Management

Risk mitigation in projects.

Risk management covers response, monitoring, controlling, prevention, and so forth. Above all else, it is concerned with project impact. •In view of the fact that various measures and techniques can be used to mitigate risks, do you think that project risks can be completely eliminated? Why or why not? •Although risk can

Project Managers for Project Performance Issues

If Keeping track of project performance and taking corrective action when necessary has become a serious issue for project managers at your company. •If you are hired in the middle of a software project (the previous project manager was fired), what would you do to ensure that the project conforms to agreed-upon quality and

Project Management - Matrices

Hello, I need help in understanding the difference between a Weak matrix and Balanced matrix and strong. matrix. And which one would be the best to run a project on Kitchen remodeling? Thank you, Sabrena

Comprehensive Strategic Management Plan

STRATEGIC MARKETING PLAN INTRODUCTION This assignment entails development of a comprehensive strategic marketing plan for a new product or service that is ready to "go to market". PRODUCT/SERVICE requires application of concepts learned to build a strategic marketing plan for a new product or service that is ready to "

Executive Summary of Business Plan

I need help with a two page executive summary I have part of it done. The summary is based on the program project that is attached. (See Executive Summary attached I have 1 page done) Executive Summary We suggest that you make it two pages or less. Include everything that you would cover in a five-minute interview. Expl

Project Management Approaches

IP PROJECTS Lets say that your company is considering the adoption of a rigorous form of quality management to keep projects focused on business goals. you are somewhat acquainted with a variety of approaches to quality management. Your boss has asked you to create a report to answer some questions. Can you help me comple

PM Questions - Need the response back asap

Please reference the attached. Please only assign this to yourself if you can complete this within the next couple of hours. This is a rush. Please do not assign this to yourself and then return it to the field hours later. This is time sensitive.

Project Management Capstone

Using the provided template for the Project Management Plan, prepare the Introduction section. For this assignment, I am responsible for including the following information: This section will include a statement of the problem and its impact on the organization. Identify the approaches that could be used to solve the probl

Two Control Processes Examples for IT Project

Question In an Information Technology project, there are many quality control processes that can be utilized. One of these processes could include a review of the requirements after the list is completed. This will help ensure the list is complete and that everyone understands the requirements. Another quality control process c

Prioritizing risks in IT project

Lets say that you are still the project manager for the computer upgrades. Briefly describe the four 4 risks you identified in posting # 584934 Using the risk assessment techniques, describe your assessment decisions. Please include the following elements: - Describe the risk assessment techniques you used to rank your 4 ri

qualitative and quantitative merits in project management

After identifying risks, ranking is critical to resource allocation. This allows for the identification of critical risks. Risk assessment is just as important, if not more important, to risk identification. In addition to qualitative risk assessment such as SWOT, Delphi Technique, and brainstorming, quantitative risk assessment

Quality assurance and quality control, IT

To maximize its project benefits and minimize rework, lets say that your company wants to make sure that its IT projects align with its business goals and meet specified quality standards. Quality assurance and quality control are used to improve project quality. What is the relationship between quality assurance and qualit

Computer Procurement Issues: A Case of CompuComputer and Medina Office Store

Read the Case Study https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/CSU_Content/courses/Business/BBA/BBA4326/12E/UnitII_Assessment.pdf and answer the following questions in detail. Submit this assignment as one comprehensive word document. 1.What do you believe is the best way to handle this situation if you were Nicholas? If you we

Computer upgrade risks

Lets say that you are the project manager for an upgrade of computers in your company. lets say that you need to upgrade 30 systems, including 10 desktops (for office personnel) and 20 laptops (for remote workers). Each system must access the company network, as well as a common installation of software, security components, and

IT Project Quality Management ROI

lets say that your company wants to develop special resources for project managers in its new project management office. There are many approaches to financial analysis of prospective projects. Having an idea of how project budgets can be created and controlled by upper management is essential to harmonizing efforts across the c

Project Management Office (PMO) Model

Consider a medium-sized company that has decided to begin using project management in a wide variety of its operations. As part of their operational shift, they are going to adopt a project management office (PMO) somewhere within their organization. Make an argument for the PMO model they should be adopting. What are some of

A day in the life of a project manager

Using an articles or web site relating to "a day in the life of a project manager" and "project manager skills." Answer the following two questions: 1. What do you believe are some of the most important things a project manager has to handle on a daily basis? 2. What are at least three skills a project manager will need in o

Risk management: should it start in the planning stage?

As we both know Risk definition is difficult with risk management, allowing users to set contingencies for risk. Although not foolproof, it allows management of risks throughout a project's lifecycle. Consider risk management as a process—its benefits, its level of importance between projects, and the effects when it is not pr

Importance of Employee Handbook

You are appointed to a newly established project management office (PMO) that is responsible for evaluation and section of projects for implementation. Senior management is very interested in "strategic projects" with a strong potential to advance the company's competitive standing in the industry and improve the bottom line. Y

Characteristics of Strategic Projects

Please help answer the following: What are the three major characteristics of strategic projects in Project Management? Please provide your reasoning.

Earned Value in Projects

Please help with the following problems: Earned value is not always used on projects. Why is it not used? Should it be? What are the criticisms associated with earned value? Give examples of projects that require earned value.

Determining Project Information using Microsoft Project

Silver Zuma Project The ARC Company specializes in developing and selling a wide range of high-quality scooters. Sales representatives report that there is a growing demand for racing scooters. ARC's president, Robin Lane, is excited about the possibilities and predicts that one day these kinds of razor scooters will be featu

Project manager and teams in different business units

In organizations, members of a project team often report to managers in different business units. This often creates problems in some projects. 1. If a project team member that reports to a manager in a department that is different from yours has a schedule conflict that will impact the project that you are managing adversel

Project management at Williams Company

Case Study For 85 years, the Williams Machine Tool Company had provided quality products to its clients, becoming the third largest U.S.-based machine tool company by 1990. The company was highly profitable and had an extremely low employee turnover rate. Pay and benefits were excellent. Between 1980 and 1990, the company's p

Selecting the Best Method Using Mean Absolute Deviation

A company is comparing the accuracy of two different forecasting methods. Use MAD to compare the accuracies of these methods on the five weeks of sales. Which method provides greatest forecast accuracy? Method A Method B Week Actual Sales Forecast Forecast 1 25 30 30 2 18 20 16 3 26 23 25 4 28 29 30

Project controlling and forecasting

Lets say that your our company has seen important internal projects go off track during execution. After-the-fact analysis has revealed the common factors of inadequate controls and unremarkable but unexpected problems. Senior management now believes that developing and implementing a set of standard control processes, integrate

Science and Technology Inc Case

Science and Technology Inc. (STI) is a high-tech consulting firm. The core business is helping firms and individual scientists transfer basic scientific discoveries into partial applications. Their 40 consultants provide consulting and training services for developing strategies and implementation processes for the commercializa

Simulation Modeling Software Applications

What is your take on popular simulation modeling software applications. Find two applications to compare by examining the costs, features, and training requirements. Please include the sources used.

Capital Equipment vs Business Services & Parties Involved in Acquisitions

1. From your readings and experience, discuss the basic differences between the acquisition of capital equipment and business services. What are the salient characteristics of each? 2. Are the buying organization's staff members the only ones involved in the identification, selection, acquisition, and implementation of each

Project Conflicts

One of the reasons for project failure is project conflict. Some conflicts could be resolved with relative ease. However, some conflicts are not always resolved optimally. Can you discuss with me two examples of project conflicts as well as how to recognize it and how to resolve it? What are some examples of project co