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Project Management

Project Charter #2

This is for Deepshikha Gupta, #107859 Draft the Project Charter for project wave. In addition, provide the Statement of Work (SOW), and the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) for a selected project task.

Project planning activities presentation

You have completed the project planning activities and are now ready to share the results with the project team. You have scheduled a project kick-off meeting in two weeks and are now preparing your materials. Develop a 10 - 15 slide presentation that you will use for the kick-off meeting. In the presentation, identify the par

Manufacturing supervisor challenges

Materials Planning; The director of manufacturing to whom all the manufacturing supervisors report, feels like he always gets the brunt of mistakes by other departments. He is hoping you will be able to solve his and his supervisor's endless challenges. He asked you to visit for a lunch meeting and discuss what the supervisors m

Manufacture Resource Planning

Product A is an end item and is made from two units of B and four of C. B is made of three units of D and two of E. Product C is made of two units of F and two of E. Product A has a lead-time of one week. Products B, C and E have lead-times of two weeks. Products D and F have a lead-time of three weeks. a. Show the bill of m

4G Wireless Networks

1. Compare and contrast 3G wireless networks to 4G networks in terms of: a. Services and applications b. Network architecture c. Data throughput d. User perceptions 2. Distinguish between the 4G LTE, 4G WiMax, and 4G WiBro networks based on: a. Upload and download speeds b. User perceptions c. Backward compatibility d

Ethical case studies in project management

Summarize the overall viewpoint of the author, and discuss the major issues presented in the case. Review the Questions for Thought. Answer these three questions using the business ethics principles from the textbook. Thank you.

Valuation of the Silver Zuma project

1. What is the total cost of the Silver Zuma Project? 2. How much is needed in the first three months (January, February, and March)? (cash flow report) 3. Which if any of the resources are overallocated? 4. Assume that the project is time constrained (must be finished on time) and try to resolve any overallocation problems b

Strategic planning process and prioritizing projects

Help in answering the following questions: 1. Explain whether project management techniques are appropriate for this project and why. 2. Describe the strategic planning process involved in this project. 3. Choose five key topics that you would use as criteria for prioritizing projects, and then use a weighted scoring mat

Project Proposal #1

Part 1: Select a project for development into a Project Plan. For this assignment, please describe in general terms the goal you would like to achieve in the project on which you will work. Your goal should meet the definition of SMART goals. Even though you will not actually be executing the plan you write for your final pr

An MBA Student's Experience

Reflect back upon your entire MBA experience and identify the three most valuable things you have gained from this program that you are willing to share with your colleagues. Explain how these concepts or experiences have facilitated your development toward becoming a "world class manager."

Engineering Management: Strategic vs. Operational Planning

See the attached file. 1. You have been promoted from being an effective manager in one department (finance) to be the manager in another department (manufacturing). Production is low, and has declined in recent months. That is why you got the job. The manager you are replacing did not work with his group to do much work with

MRPII systems

DB- The materials manager is very familiar with older material requirements planning (MRP) systems, as well as more integrated manufacturing resource planning (MRPII) systems. In fact, he is quite proud of the way the MRPII system works; his entire team has worked hard and has achieved schedule accuracy of over 98% and inventory

Six Sigma - Insurance company

Identify one of the goals of Six Sigma and provide an example of a project you have been involved with where the method could have helped the project outcome. Comment if your organization uses Six Sigma and, if so, the influence it has had on the results of projects and the overall business I work for a large insurance compa

Mastering Virtual Teams

Determine which factor is influencing the team dynamics and why. Pete's team consists primarily of engineers located in different places around the world. His project is important for the company, and senior management provides him with full support. Acquiring resources is never a problem for him. However, Pete's manager keep

Budget for development of News letter/Flyer- Wand Project

Budget for the development of a Newsletter/Flyer- Wand Project You are required to get a budget together; you need an estimate the developmental hours for each person from internal to external graphic designer, web developer, secretary, errand boy/girl, typographer, and anyone else that is necessary. How many hours do we ne

Identifying risks in project management

Project Risks Identification Use the project risk categories that you brainstormed during the previous week to categorize the risks that you have determined for this assignment. Show a list of stakeholders and project teams that you utilized to identify risks. Thoroughly describe each project risk (at least 8), which include

Long Term Investment Project

Long-term investment projects require a thorough understanding of all attributes of doing business in that country, including import/export restrictions, labor relations, supplier financing, tax rules, depreciation schedules, currency properties and restrictions, and sources of short-term and long-term debt, to name a few. China

Developing a project portfolio management process

The case study will place the student in the role of a senior manager in charge of one of your company's Strategic Business Units (SBU). Your first task in this new position is to develop a project portfolio management process and then use this process to select projects for your SBUs portfolio. The case study will involve the a

Mastering Virtual Teams/Project Management

Consider the following scenario: An international company wants to upgrade its Web site to make use of a recent advancement in technology. The chief executive officer wants the new Web site to be operational in a short time; therefore, it is decided that two information technology teams should work together to upgrade the Web

Project postmortem review

Now that the company offsite 2-day training session project is over, conduct a postmortem review. Submit a 1- to 2-page memo that does the following: - Details the benefits and drawbacks of a postmortem review - Lists who should partake in this meeting, - Indicates what you hope to discover at the conclusion I have a

Project management in culture

An organization needs to have project management built into its culture to be effective. Evaluate the maturity of the project management culture in your organization and describe improvements that can be implemented based on your text readings. If you feel your organization does not yet have a project management culture explai

Virtual Project Management/Mastering

As the leader of a virtual team, how would you conduct a team orientation meeting if not face-to-face? Describe the challenges of not conducting the meeting face-to-face. Explain how you would overcome the challenges. Please focus with this information in mind Challenges of conducting an orientation meeting: Time zone diffe

Project management techniques in organization for benefit

The text describes the "tangible benefits" of using project management in Chapter Six, including the following areas: Lower Cost Shortened schedules No sacrifice of scope or quality Higher customer satisfaction Using Higher customer Sat, describe why it is mandatory to have strong project management techniques in the or

Quantitative Problems - Project Management

A leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment is considering placing a bid for 6 excavators. The manufacturer has just finished building the first excavator. The data for the first excavator is as follows: Labor Hours = 6,000 Material Cost = $200,000 Labor Cost = $50/hour The company expects a Learning Ra

Project Management: Mastering Virtual Teams

Cultural Differences: There are differences among various cultures, and there are differences between people. You will come across these cultural differences while working with virtual teams. I selected a foreign culture of (China) - Identify the cultural differences between your own culture (USA) and the foreign culture